As part of an ongoing project, we’re happy to present the very first WAX & GEARS Podcast. Feeding off the thrill of all things new that is a common draw for both record diggers and bike enthusiasts, Wax & Gears is a new project from Bido Lito! that will celebrate music and cycling’s shared sense of discovery.

Following on from Craig G Pennington‘s interview with Tim Stephens and Adam Faulkner in our September 2018 issue, we asked the intrepid pair to put together a soundtrack that depicts the essence of discovery in their year-long, globetrotting adventure, Total Bike Forever. It’s here that Tim takes up the story…

“One steamy, sweaty evening on a balcony of a hostel in Tbilisi I started making a mix that was been inspired by the tracks that Adam and I enjoyed listening to and playing at Meadows in the Mountains as well and in Istanbul.

It’s pretty hot and heavy. If you’ve ever spent any time in Tbilisi during July then you’ll know it kind of fits the weather there. We’ll be putting out a mix like this every month or so to help make sense of the things we’re seeing and hearing out here on the open road so I hope you enjoy it.”

Wax & Gears is presented as part of HSBC British Cycling’s Let’s Ride – a street festival for anyone on a bike. With a route that circles Sefton Park and Princes Avenue all completely closed to traffic, this is a festival encompassing cycling, music, fantastic food and drink, demos, giveaways and activities for everyone on two wheels. It’s free to take part and is a brilliant opportunity to see our city from a different vista. There’s no mountain highways to traverse here, just a family-friendly day out based around a five-kilometre loop, so it’s the perfect excuse to get back out on the bike. You can ride as much or as little as you like and you don’t need to be an experienced cyclist – there are no cars on the road so you can wobble, zig-zag and stop as much as you like. And Wax & Gears will be there to soundtrack your ride.

With all the power for the stage provided by the spinning pedals of the public (no diesel generators here), we need plenty of music heads and cycling friends alike to join us, jump on a bike and keep the turntables spinning. DJs from Bido Lito!, MELODIC DISTRACTION and DIG VINYL will lead us on a voyage of discovery through music’s deepest valleys and highest passes before audio-explorer-extraordinaire JACQUES MALCHANCE presents his hypnotic Synthwerks.


Wax & Gears takes place on the 23rd September 2018 in Sefton Park: