Video Poker

Video Poker is an online casino game based on five-card draw poker with the earliest models appearing at the same time as the first PC although by today’s standards rather primitive. Over the years Video Poker has increased in popularity with many online players finding it less intimidating than table games. It can make a nice alternative to acepokies; it’s a fast paced, sit down game, but at the same time more card based. It’s a game popular at land-based casinos and online casinos and is often referred to as Poker slots or Video Pokies for players in Australia and New Zealand.

How to Play Video Poker

Learning to play Video Poker is easy and it’s not a lengthy process. The original game is Jacks or Better and it uses a single deck of cards, however, there are some variants which include the Joker.

Like all online casino games, the first thing a player must do is select his bet with most machines accepting up to five coins. At the start of each round, the player will receive 5 cards that players can hold or replace. Moreover, you can replace all the cards and receive replacements. Should you decide to retain a specific card, press the hold button found below each card.

Video poker hand ranking is almost identical to a hand in a classic poker game, but the difference, however is that not all variations of video poker offer the same winning combinations. Therefore, always check the paytable of the game before playing.

Highest Winning Combinations

In Video Poker the highest winning combination is called a Royal Flush which consists of five cards of the same suit, King, Queen, Jack, Ace and 10. The second-best hand is a Straight Flush, and it consists of five cards of the same suit which must be consecutive. The remainder of the winning hands are 4 of-a-Kind, 3 of-a-Kind, Flush, Full House, Straight, wo Pair and One Pair. The game is available on many best online casino usa websites, and it neatly falls under ‘tried and tested, a game with mass appeal that we all know and love.

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