Photography: Samantha Parkinson

Blossoming from a promising solo project into a quartet, HANNAH’S LITTLE SISTER are a lo-fi pop sensation in waiting.

“Kinda trashy, but it’s reyt enough,” is the response of Hannah’s Little Sister when asked to describe their music. It doesn’t do justice to their gloriously grungey aesthetic but it’s telltale of an offbeat humour that permeates their outlook and output. Originally the project of singer, songwriter and guitarist, Meg, Hannah’s Little Sister has developed into a millennial mashup group, with Will, a friend from Meg’s hometown of Burnley, and Ash and Lukas, friends from university, completing the outfit.

Without an original recording to be found online (minus their contribution to one of our Bido Lito! Membership bundles – you heard it here first), they’re taking a considered approach to their work and the group are not in any big hurry to flood your Spotify recommendations just yet. “Unfortunately, we’re keeping all our songs under maximum UV protection for the summer. But maybe autumn will let something loose… you’ll just have to come see us at a show for now!” Meg enthuses. You’ll only get a couple of chances to catch them live over the summer months, too – the July Bido Lito! Social at Shipping Forecast and LIMF’s Summer Jam – after those, they plan to spend the rest of summer “being hermits and getting our heads down with writing and recording for our first release”.

“Being a part of this younger generation, sometimes you can feel a bit voiceless – songwriting and singing about those things adds a little safety blanket” Meg Grooters

When asked how where they’re from affects their writing, Meg does not beat around the bush: “I think where we’re from and how we grew up creates the biggest drive for this project to be honest. We’re all from small towns up North so have had that working-class upbringing of being stuck in a small place with not much to do and having to learn to graft to get an opportunity.” Drawing on her experiences, she adds “for me personally, working at a posh hotel throughout school and then coming to a university kind of allowed me to see this other reality… It’s not the biggest struggle, and I’m not looking for a pity party by any means, but it is definitely a difference of living, and one that some people aren’t really aware of.” A struggle that is felt too deeply by too many, it’s symptomatic of the ever-widening inequalities in contemporary Britain. But how do they incorporate this into their music? “It inspires me to shove my accent down people’s throats and be a bit rowdy moaning about it, and it makes us wear our backgrounds on show.”

Driven, angsty power-pop songs delivered in an unapologetic Burnley accent is Hannah’s Little Sister’s way of finding their outlet. “I think being a part of this younger generation, sometimes you can feel a bit voiceless – being pigeon-holed or just being bogged down in pressures and insecurities you can’t help surrounding yourself with when being a twenty-something,” Meg discloses before adding “but for me, songwriting and singing about those things adds a little safety blanket to what I’m talking about.” In creating their own little bed of comfort, Hannah’s Little Sister extend that warmth to the lucky folks who come into contact with their music.

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