Portishead meets Peggy Lee in the hazy, trippy sounds of this London-born vocalist, whose flair for theatrics is making the crossover of jazz and electronica seem effortless.

If you had to describe your style in a sentence, what would you say?
Contemporary jazz and blues with a hint of electronic soul.

How did you get into music?
At around the age of 12 I realised I was into a lot of songs in the musical Chicago, which is where my passion for jazz and blues originally stemmed from. It inspired me to want to know more about the genre and led me to discover artists like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Peggy Lee. I started writing songs, which in all honesty were terrible at that age! As I’ve grown up and collaborated with different people, I think it’s safe to say my songwriting has improved.

Can you pinpoint a live gig or a piece of music that initially inspired you?
Shirley Bassey – The Greatest Performance Of My Life (1973 Live at Royal Albert Hall).

What do you think is the overriding influence on your songwriting: other art, emotions, current affairs – or a mixture of all of these?

“I feel that raw emotion is so key when it comes to music” Georgia Black

Do you have a favourite song or piece of music to perform? What does it say about you?
I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James. I always loved this song because of the way she pours her heart out on it. I feel that raw emotion is so key when it comes to music, so this song helps sum me up as an artist.

If you could support any artist in the future, who would it be?

Do you have a favourite venue you’ve performed in? If so, what makes it special?
KOKO in Camden Town, London. I just think it’s a beautiful venue inside and it always fills me with fond memories from growing up around there.

Why is music important to you?
Music has been the best outlet for me in terms of creating it and listening to it. If I didn’t have music in my life I’d probably spontaneously combust!


Georgia Black’s new single The Morning’s Just Begunis out now.

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