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Tell us about yourself.
I’m a singer-songwriter and producer living in Liverpool, crafting introspective and evergreen songs for rainy road trips with wistful gazes. I grew up and spent lockdown in a sleepy little town in rural Warwickshire, and although there isn’t much for young people to do, one thing I love is the vast natural spaces and woodlands. I find immersing myself within nature is very inspiring.

What’s your set-up looking like at the moment?
I self-record and produce everything in my bedroom. The production can sometimes get quite ambitious for two microphones and a laptop in student accommodation, but I just want to create music that is comforting – the soundtrack to your Sunday morning coffee or your rainy drive out to get petrol. I hope my work inspires a state of reverie.

When did you first realise that you wanted to pursue music?
I distinctly remember in 2011 seeing some form of The Beach Boys at a venue in Cape Cod, Massachusetts called the Melody Tent which had a revolving stage. Hearing all this jangly guitar made me desperately want to put down the Xbox controller and pick up a Stratocaster.

Liverpool is a great city to just leave the house and walk in one direction until you can't anymore

24 Hours 7 Days is the first single from your upcoming EP. Tell us more about what we can expect.
Grateful For The Moments Spent Alone is a collection of introspective songs about common human experiences. Expect some quite densely produced tracks, some lighter, stripped back tunes with some Pet Sounds-esque instrumentals tying it all together.

There are some really introspective and nostalgic tones present within your music. Is this a fair reflection on who you are as a person?
Although I tend to write from previous experiences or events, I try to live in the present as much as I can. I think the most important element is immersing yourself in as many experiences as possible. I’m very fortunate that I’ve been able to travel across the USA as a kid and see some amazing stuff, but even the more mundane stuff like walking down Bold Street to get a coffee on a Tuesday morning can stick with you. Liverpool is a great city to just leave the house and walk in one direction until you can’t anymore.

Your TikTok invites online audiences into your songwriting realm; how important is this platform for you, and how does it offer new forms of communication with your fans?
TikTok is probably the best way of reaching a wide audience of new people with your music. I tend to use the app to show behind the scenes stuff, like new ideas I’m working on, my process of writing, some riffs I’ve learnt to play, etc. I’ve already established friendships with some of the people I’ve met there, and there’s a very inspiring network of other songwriters showing their processes too. I love sending unreleased songs to people, getting their feedback, figuring out what people like and don’t like, and then thinking about it all when I’m writing my next song.

Grateful For The Moments Spent Alone is available in December.


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