Have you always wanted to create music? How did you get into it?
Mark: We were always music lovers but I think we really got into guitar music in the early 2000s when we were teenagers and started going to gigs around town. We saw Arctic Monkeys at an early EVOL gig in the O2 Academy 2, and their success following that gig really inspired us, we wanted to try and do the same! We started to form bands together around 2005 and we’ve been playing under different guises ever since, really.

Do you have a favourite song or piece of music to perform?
Andy: Our set-closer Hurricanes And Fairytales is my favourite. We’re heading back into the studio in September to record it and I’m so excited to hear the finished track.
Mark: Our new single Sunny Day Mood is a favourite at the moment. We only wrote it a couple of weeks before going into the studio and it went straight to the top of the list to record, so it’s still relatively new and it’s a lot of fun to recreate live.
Paul: I’d agree with Andy, Hurricanes And Fairytales is my favourite to play because of the energy we create when we play it. I feel like we all let loose – and Mark gets a drum solo!

What do you think is the overriding influence on your songwriting: other art, emotions, current affairs – or a mixture of all of these?
Paul: It’s usually just a need to get something off my chest – so probably emotions. I’ve tried every which way to write a song in the past and I’ve gone full circle it seems and I just try to do two things when I write: keep it simple and keep it honest.

“It’s such a release to get together in a practice room and let loose with your best mates” Andy Stewart

If you could support any artist in the future, who would it be?
Mark: The Cribs
Andy and Paul: Yeh, we have to agree – The Cribs are the dream support slot.

Do you have a favourite venue you’ve performed in? If so, what makes it special?
Paul: I think the O2 Academy in Liverpool always feels pretty special to me, as it’s where I saw so many bands growing up. It’s nice be on the same stage as where you saw some of your musical heroes.

Why is music important to you?
Andy: It’s important in so many ways, but most significantly to me it’s what ties the three of us together in friendship. We’ve been playing in bands together for years, and while our lives have got busier with work and family commitments, it’s such a release to get together in a practice room and let loose with your best mates.
Mark: Couldn’t have put it better myself!



Sunny Day Mood is out now.

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