Vulnerable DIY guitar pop with some electronic undercurrents: meet BILL NICKSON, the bedroom guitarist with a heart of song.

How did you get into music?
Music has pretty much always been a part of my life in some way but I’d say I began to take it a bit more seriously when I had exposure to the sheer amount of independent music released online. I record and produce all of my music myself at home and will probably continue to do so, mainly because I’ve always preferred the relaxed, natural methods of recording at home opposed to the time constraint of a studio.

What does your most recent material say about you?
The last thing I released was the Time EP late last year. I guess I’d say it shown what to expect in terms of my approach to song writing and recording, with it including a bit of everything that I do whether it be the more band-y stuff like Villain, to the lo-fi acoustic/electronic-fused tracks such as Time.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I’m currently finishing up another EP: it’s a bit meatier than my last few though since this one will be about seven tracks. Alongside that, I’ve also got plans to head up to Scotland in the near future to play a show or two for GoldMold Records. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a really cool tape label based in Glasgow who released my Time EP on cassette last year – much love for them!

Which other artists do you enjoy working with?
I’m pretty thankful to be surrounded by a bunch of really talented artists that I work with for live stuff. Acts such as Vain Male, Joel Thomas, and Silver Linings, all of them are making really varied interesting stuff that I enjoy a ton. I feel like we all bounce inspiration off of each other too when we share our work amongst ourselves which is always good.

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How does where you are from affect your writing?
Being born and raised in Wirral has definitely had an effect on the mindset and approach to music that I’ve had. I’ve always felt pretty individualistic and isolated when it comes to my approach to music, and obviously being separated from the city has given me more of a drive to ‘prove’ myself, if that makes sense. Nothing against Wirral though… it can be a great, varied place to live, but also a very isolating place at the same time.

Did you have any particular artists in mind as an influence when you started out? What about them do you think you’ve taken into your music?
I’d say my two main influences starting out would be Daniel Johnston and Brian Wilson. Both artists have such a pure outlook on the creation of music and conveying honest emotion through sound, whether it be the way in which they produce the music or their songwriting. I like to think their approach has rubbed off on me a bit when it comes to how I produce my work, especially as I consider both of them geniuses in their own unique ways.

Why is music important to you?
It’s been an outlet for me to project certain feelings and thoughts in a sort of therapeutic way. I do stop and think sometimes why what is essentially just organised sound holds such importance in my life and mind set, but I assume I’m just wired to think this way since I soon enough return to constantly obsessing over it.


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