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Country-inflected Merseybeat meets heel-stomping Americana in a sway of raw storytelling.

Describe your music to us.
I have two songs released at the moment, but I have a catalogue of songs. Each song has a different sound and feeling. I write all of my songs on acoustic guitar, this gives the backbone of rhythm and melody to the song, allowing me to compose other instrumentation around the rhythm guitar. I pretty much use this method of writing for all of my songs so although they are different in sound and feeling, I think you can hear my style clearly in each song.

Who were your inspirations when you were growing up?
Music has always been a massive part of my life and some of my earliest memories are of hearing certain songs or artists for the first time. I had a brilliant mixture of music growing up; from Soul and Motown to Folk and Country and, of course, good old Rock and Roll.

Your most recent single, Paint The Dark, is a toe-tapping, brisk infusion of country and blues – is there a specific emotion or memory that inspired the song?
After experiencing some difficult times and low points when I was feeling lost, I came through on the other side in a much better place and state of mind. This gave me the inspiration to write Paint the Dark. As much as it sounds like a cliché, I wanted to write a song to articulate how there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

What’s your favourite album in your collection?
It’s difficult to choose one album but I would have to say Bob Marley’s Survival. You probably wouldn’t think I would choose that listening to my songs but it’s a perfect album from start to finish. It has everything, from the production in terms of arrangements and composition, the vocals and meaning in the lyrics with over all brilliant musicianship.

What’s a favourite venue you’ve performed in?
I did two tours supporting The View in my previous band The Stamp, the first was a 28-day tour across Europe and Scandinavia, the second was a 17-day tour across England and Scotland. We played in a lot of amazing and well-known venues. Two stand out gigs were in Amsterdam and Paris. Paris was made all the more special as Liam Gallagher came down to watch us play.

Who’ve you seen live recently?
Like all of us, I was missing live music during lockdown. Although I haven’t been able to get to many live gigs since things started to open up, I was thrilled to support The Sonder at EBGBS a couple of months ago. I caught their performance after I had finished my set and thought they did a great job – I love the variety of musical talent coming through on the Liverpool music scene at the moment.

I Won’t Be Living Here Anymore is available 21st December.

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