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Three Trapped Tigers

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Bam!Bam!Bam @ Buyers Club 20/4/16

Buyers Club sheds its skin and transforms once again, playing host to a selection of mathematically skilled musicians this evening. Genre-bending, instrumental noise-rock trio THREE TRAPPED TIGERS are the reason, stopping by for this intimate show to expand our minds with their latest album, Silent Earthling.

TAWS take to the stage first on this unassuming Wednesday evening, providing us with their funky rhythm-led take on progressive rock. Leela Dawson’s soulful vocal really gives this Liverpool-based band a unique sound, deviating from the generally more aggressive vocal styles of definite influence The Fall Of Troy, which lends itself to the eclectic sounds of Taws, showcased as they begin Mama Doesn’t Own You. Though at times their use of non-traditional time signatures is a little chaotic, these young musicians have a lot to offer and their set is brimming with potential, sure to be heard on their forthcoming EP.

LAWOFTHELAND begin their set backed by an unknown galaxy projected behind them, and, thriving off their receptive audience, they launch into a scene-building number that creates the mood for their almost ambient take on rock music. The trio’s passionate performance lends itself well to the changing projections, matching scenes of speeding lights that evoke a cinematic quality thanks in part to solid melodies from Stephen Miceli (Guitar). A gentler approach to crescendo building is taken on self-titled EP track A Part Of Nature, as Adam Caine (Drums) and Teddy Smith (Bass) mesh together with great pace and strength, rounding off a brief and well-received set.

THREE TRAPPED TIGERS take to the stage modestly – but then dive headfirst into droid odyssey Silent Earth. As it progresses, we are supplied with lush synth melodies, sombre guitars and ruthless drumming provided unbelievably cohesively and simultaneously by Adam Betts (Drums, Electronics), Matt Calvert (Guitars, Synths) and Tom Rogerson (Keyboards, Vocals). A towel-covered cymbal receives the beating of its life, fuelling my appreciation for the sheer speed and skill necessary for the Tigers to pull off instrumental complexities the likes of which I’ll probably never begin to understand.

The trio have progressed since their 2011 debut, Route One Or Die, with the performance of Silent Earth feeling more full, more capable of creating an intricate industrial landscape within this cocoon of pulsing ambient lights. This techno-infused math rock finds its perfect setting at Buyers Club. Engrams urges a trance-like state by building textures and layers into a raucous cacophony of sound, bass-heavy synths and soaring guitars endlessly growing, while this particularly frenetic number is held together seamlessly.

As the set develops the sound diversifies, exemplified by track Rainbow Road, where sparse, escalating vocals are layered over the crescendo. It seems that this is how TTT have managed to shirk the chains of being bound to one genre, not unlike math rock contemporaries This Town Needs Guns. The show ends and a sense of kinetic tranquillity falls over the crowd, as we wander off into the haze of an April evening.

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