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Ceremony Concerts @ 24 Kitchen Street 29/4/16

The latest chapter in @4 Kitchen Street’s unstoppable rise comes on the Friday of a bank holiday weekend featuring one of the country’s most acclaimed and exciting live acts.

Supporting the headliners tonight is 23-year-old London DJ CATCHING FLIES, who offers up 40-odd minutes of electronica. The crowd take a little while to warm to him, given that most are still arriving as he’s performing, with the subsequent hustle and bustle making it harder for the producer to cut through and make an impact.

Stylistically, Catching Flies’ set seems to focus on mid-tempo trip hop and ambient chillout sounds. It’s an inspired concoction, with elements of Boards Of Canada, Air and The Future Sound Of London all being clearly present. There is a distinct musicality in the mix that displays not only passion and talent but intellect and writing ability. By the end of the set, the crowd has truly gathered. There are those who dance and those who stare, entranced. No matter what they’re doing, nobody can get enough.

Only six of the seven limbs of SUBMOTION ORCHESTRA are present tonight. Their singer, Ruby Wood, is not out on tour for this run. In her place, the band have two guests with them. Alyusha provides a lush and soulful range of tones, from dreamy falsetto vocals to intricate and powerful choruses. In contrast, the band and Alyusha have a deep-pitch vocal counterpart in Billy Boothroyd, who offers smooth baritone as well as soaring, sincere muscle behind his voice. The two complement each other perfectly and offer an incredible sense of dynamism to the show as a whole.

Instrumentally, the band are pretty much the loudest live band on the planet. They play with precision and groove, technique and flare, both smooth and tight in equal measure. The rhythm section, Tommy Evans on drums and Chris Hargreaves on bass, have an inimitable power and style that heavily underpins every movement throughout the set.

Tonight’s show contains a wealth of material from their most recent album including Red Dress and, perhaps the strongest song of the set thanks to Boothroyd’s vocals, the soaring In Gold. Other tracks include previous album cuts such as It’s Not Me It’s You and All Yours. It’s a perfect selection.

Interspersed throughout the set are long instrumental sections which give so much range and depth to the set that it’s hard to imagine a more well-rounded and wholesome performance. These are some of the best, and most inspired players to ever grace this stage. SubMo leave to rapturous applause and 24 Kitchen Street is up in arms.

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