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British Music Experience, Cunard Building 4/5/18

The festival’s conference opens proceedings a day before the live action, maintaining Sound City’s commitment to dissecting the most pressing issues of the music world in 2018. SOUND CITY+’s day of panels and conversations brim with interesting and prominent figures in all areas of the music and surrounding industries such as artists, managers, promoters, authors and journalists.

Taking place at the British Music Experience inside the historic Cunard Building, it is a well-orchestrated affair, with talks every hour inside the main and secondary room. Throughout the day, there are obvious odes to Liverpool’s rich musical heritage and its worldwide recognitition because of this. Yet one of the most prevalent and interesting topics revolves around how the city can retain this image with music for the future. This is picked up in the Liverpool – Future Music City discussion, where the panel speak about the importance of music culturally as well as economically. Recently forming the Liverpool City Region Music Board, Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham speaks about how integral music is to the city, bringing people in from far and wide to see live music, which in turn boosts the city’s economy and overall atmosphere. It follows in the footsteps of London’s Music Board, which has seen great successes in keeping open and re-vitalising live music venues. The enthral of live music is something that will never go away, so the government need to work with cities to keep live music venues open, that means a win for the people and a win for the economy. It is an exciting time for Liverpool with more money funding the music scene meaning more opportunities for music lovers to see live music, and more opportunities for local bands to play live and strive.

There are In Conversations with industry stalwarts such as ALAN MCGEE of Creation Records, promoter VINCE POWER and journalist and music businessman TIM INGHAM, on their interesting lives in music, how the industry has changed and where they think it will go in the future. Other topics touched on throughout the day are diversity in the music industry, the art of making a record, the difficulty of getting your music heard by the right people, the age of streaming and many more. This is a compelling day for any music lover, especially those interested in forming a career in the industry, with a breadth of experience on hand to listen to all the in, outs, difficulties, and optimisms of the industry. It’s a day that makes the industry feel less daunting and more personal, and if you have a true passion for music, a day that makes you leave the event feeling optimistic and excited for the future.

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