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Pink Punk Party @ Drop The Dumbulls 11/3/16

What better way to smash the bottle on the side of the good ship Bitchism (Liverpool’s hottest new punk label and zine) than with a dock off big party showcasing some of the UK’s hottest underground talents. The Pink Punk Party lives up to its name from the get go, what with its donations only entry, organic aesthetic and a urinal shaped like the queen’s mouth… Drop The Dumbulls seems the ideal setting for a night of DIY fuzz and folk.

Kicking off proceedings for tonight is local group MOXIE. Their set takes listeners on somewhat of a rollercoaster. Entwining fast-paced, light-hearted party tracks filled with xylophone and jangly guitar with emotional and extremely personal ballads of struggle and tension.

Keeping on the theme is anti-folk starlet, PERKIE. From a few rows back it proves impossible to see the artist sitting at her keyboard. Stripped back and raw, the minimal piano seems to only pull out the power of her delicately poignant ballads. Comparisons could be made with some of the major pop stars of today, however, what really makes PERKIE stand out is her ability to delve deep with lyrics tackling issues such as hunting and cancer.  

As if to completely juxtapose the feeling of peace in the air, noisy shoegazer SEXDREAM plugs in. Having already wowed audiences with rare shows at underground gigs around Liverpool, the alias of Jason Taylor-Brown has already raised eyebrows and made ear drums bleed. So it is with great anticipation to see him here tonight. Despite a few technical difficulties the set proves to be just as loud as ever. Thrashing at his guitar and peddles in a way which verges on abuse the sound resonates like violent waves hitting the audience hard and leaving them mesmerised.

As his set draws to a close SEXDREAM metamorphoses into further schizophrenic alter ego Grand Master Sass and invites to the stage Sasstone, Lil Funion who begins to smash cymbals wildly. From out of the ashes of the moody noise which expelled from SEXDREAM’s jaguar comes the more familiar chord change of Fight For Your Right. Before anyone has a minute to take in the drastic change in sound a semi naked Queen Zee arrives on stage donning what appears to be a sailor’s hat. What follows proves somewhat of a blur of punk induced chaos with primal screams, thrashing guitar and end of set destruction with mics and guitars flying everywhere. With a first show like this from QUEEN ZEE & THE SASSTONES who knows what anarchy is to follow.

With triumphant sets from ILL and THINK PRETTY following the mayhem of QUEEN ZEE it is time to make way for PINK KINK. Having established themselves as one of the city’s hottest new live bands the glitter fuelled five piece are perhaps the perfect act to finish tonight. Arriving onstage in perhaps the most fabulous outfits of the evening, which sparkle under the lights. However don’t let this sense of glamour make you question their punk rock credentials. Their animalistic shouts cut through the dreamy synth and guitar. Performing what may have been their best set to date the band celebrate as instruments are rubbed against roofs and singer Bridget walks off stage claiming “I’m gonna barf”. What’s more punk rock than that, eh?

Matthew Hogarth

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