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Pale Waves

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Studio 2 24/2/18

“I have noticed [sexism] in other parts of my life, but not when performing.” OUR GIRL’s Soph Nathan sums up the atmosphere of the entire night at Studio 2 in a recent interview. Why should someone’s gender limit the success they can have in the music industry, or any other industry for that matter? Heather Baron-Gracie and Ciara Doran, the founding members of tonight’s headliners PALE WAVES, are evidence that it should not and does not. Anyone lucky enough to witness tonight’s melancholic pop performance would wholeheartedly agree. The incredible voices and performances on offer in Studio 2 make for one of the most breathtaking and empowering performances I have ever seen.

Support act, BLOXX have an old school sound and there’s an off-kilter charm to the four piece, with ‘I’ll go to Spoons and grab myself a beer,’ arguably being the most relatable line in a song that I’ve heard in recent years. Our Girl come to the night with buckets of talent, but their sound is a much more understated one – distinctively 90s with a grungey vocal and Stone Roses-style bass – than the bands that share the line-up tonight and is less memorable alongside their more outlandish counterparts.


"I can only hope that they remain tied to the beautifully intimate experience that smaller venues offer"

Introducing My Obsession, Baron-Gracie described it as being sad, explaining that “sad songs are always the best songs”. With heartfelt lyrics being accompanied by a strong chorus, backed by 80s bass, this song just about sums up Pale Waves, with every listen of their tracks attending to a different emotion in each individual. Everyone seems to be moved by the band in different ways, some smiling, some solemn, but all absolutely in love with the work that this four-piece are producing.

In a couple of years, it’s likely Pale Waves’ nearly sold out tour will include much, much larger venues for their ever growing fan base, and I only hope that the supporting acts follow suit. It is easy to see why many would argue that the band are destined for greater things, but personally, I can only hope that they remain tied to the beautifully intimate experience that smaller venues offer. With their misfit combination of two goths and two indie boys, it seems only fitting that Pale Waves should remain touring discreet and alternative venues and taking full advantage of the intimate experience that venues such as Studio 2 offer.

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