Abandon Silence x The Wonder Pot @ 24 Kitchen Street 4/10/18

A lot has changed within the dynamic landscape surrounding Liverpool’s electronic music scene since OBJEKT first played under the roof of 24 Kitchen Street over four years ago. And yet it’s two of the city’s most prestigious promoters that join forces to bring him back to Liverpool and prove why he is one of the most celebrated DJs and producers of the contemporary era. Solely booking Objekt would not be deemed so adventurous considering his history playing in the city – so here we are presented with the prospect of observing him expertly manoeuvre through an extended six-hour set, delving into more obscure territories to showcase the extent of his influences and artistic palette.

Upon arrival, early entrants are eased into the six-hour journey through a collation of abstract and avant-garde soundscapes. Much like his production, Objekt’s records are a masterclass in sound design, forming an introspective and futurist experience. The Berlin-based producer’s ear for space within the music and mix is extremely prominent. Intricate micro-glitches and dubbed out electronics are gradually layered, fluttering around our concrete bunker on top of rich, dense pads that sound like droning planes swooping over the vast ocean. The selections then move away from the obscure toward the more rhythmic as more bodies start to arrive. The ominous disposition between blissful ambience and dissonant, metallic oscillations weave in and out of each other add to the unnerving tension. Tracks such as his own smash Secret Snake chug away around the 100bpm mark. Even with the slower tempos, each track carries tremendous weight – reinforced by the impact of the newly installed sound system. More percussive tracks are introduced, such as Gila’s Trench Cadence, which test the frequency clarity of the system, with every range of the ear’s sensory response being stimulated by the thunderous kicks and tribal grooves.

As the set progresses, tempos feel unrestrained and open, giving a sense of weightless freedom and fluidity that display the dexterity of Objekt’s capabilities behind the decks. Within the space of half an hour, tempos have drastically risen without warning. The set to this point feels especially UK-defined, whereby traces of jungle, dub and hardcore linger across all of the 130bpm selections. It is hard to distinguish whether vinyl or digital tracks are being presented as the selector playfully toys with accented beats by melding twisted rhythms.

"Objekt constantly asserts his presence by majestically interweaving and manipulating tracks. It’s as though there’s constantly a surprise at his fingertips as tempos rise well above 150bpm"

The lighting is kept minimal throughout the set, allowing the music to be the focus of the audience’s concentration. A single beam highlights Objekt’s form as he steers the dancefloor through more functional numbers, including Blawan’s Stell, before moving to more hardcore tracks such as Wildchild’s Bring it Down.

It’s at around 1.45am when things take a slight left turn. Here the Berliner joyfully introduces elements of UK garage to create a buoyant setting; many inside jokingly mimic the MCs of the late 90s/early 2000s. The exuberant mood is short lived, however, with alien textures and rhythms regaining control. Now we drift closer toward electro. Objekt constantly asserts his presence by majestically interweaving and manipulating tracks. It’s as though there’s constantly a surprise at his fingertips as tempos rise well above 150bpm. The juxtaposition between the futuristic, electro timbres of ScanOne’s Re-Turn fuse with the more organic breakbeats of Greenleaf’s Time. At this moment the atmosphere created is loose, free and full of perspiration.

As the set progresses through the night, the trajectory carries a more direct, hypnotic techno angle. Objekt has displayed his ability to link complex, diverse genres in a fluent and effortless style. He has once again proven to Liverpool why he is one of the most compelling DJs of modern times. As for Abandon Silence and The Wonder Pot, the pair have proved that Liverpool, too, is a cynosure of UK clubbing culture.

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