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No Fun @ Drop The Dumbulls 15/6/19

When walking away from Liverpool city centre towards the industrial North Docks, tonight’s venue can feel as though your meeting at someone’s house – away from the usual music swelling points. It even looks and feels like you’re in someone’s house. Drop The Dumbulls is the epitome of underground, minus a subterranean journey to reach its offerings. It’s on the edge of a revolution throughout Liverpool.

Tonight it plays host to a night curated and created by Scouse punk favourites OHMNS. Walking in, legendary DJ CARL COMBOVER is spinning the best garage rock and heavy sounds you’ve heard. It’s the perfect precursor for what tonight’s line-up eludes to. WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE pull off the wondrous juxtaposition of being effervescent yet somehow melancholic. Put simply, they’re also very, very noisy. It’s hard to tell what you’re supposed to take from their performance. Are you supposed to take anything from it? Maybe that’s the point. Complete absurdity. Scouse psych Dadaism.

Following up are the stars of the show, the creators of No Fun: Ohmns. They’re faultless. They’re classic Scouse garage punk. It all seems to come together as the crowd works itself to its peak. Jumping around, thrashing into each other. Sometimes you have to stand away in case you get dragged to the floor. It’s all in good fun, contrary to the night’s name. It feels like a true punk gig. It feels local, it feels abrasive, but in the most absorbent way imaginable. It feels like you’re part of a community but simultaneously part of a power higher than Liverpool’s music scene.

Playing their magnum opus Keshi Heads as well as covers of the Ramones absolutely obliterates the crowd, so by the time YAMMERER come on the venue has emptied to catch its breath. Yammerer are classic old school punk. Following Ohmns, the energy just isn’t the same, but the crowd are still hyped, dancing around and jumping into one another.

Leaving No Fun All Dayer, two things are for certain: Drop The Dumbulls is an integral part of Liverpool’s creative future, and every band that hit the stage today brandish an unshakable energy.

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