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Louder Than Death

The Go-Go Cage! and No Fun @ The Zanzibar 13/9/19

Leaves hang like cobwebs throughout The Zanzibar, a retro space that feels like a treasured discovery among the new venues around Liverpool. Tonight, however, it serves as the perfect fit for an intimate gig presented by garage-rock madman King Khan and his newest outfit, the ferocious LOUDER THAN DEATH.

The band, who are currently blazing around Europe in promotion of their album Stop Und Fick Dich! have collected a troupe of punks from The Spits and Magnetix along the way, however, much to our dismay, Spits member Sean has been held up in customs.

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The lights dim as Khan walks out on stage to applause from the room, dawning pleather short-shorts, a police hat and a denim vest speckled with patchwork. Armed with a bouquet of roses, he sets a light, careless tone for the evening; “I’m just trying to make some money on the side here if anyone wants to buy a flower,” he laughs. Raging on, LTD rip-roar through a set with songs dedicated to Lemmy, Bad Brains, Christian conversion camps, Al Capone’s syphilis, Hermione from Harry Potter and, for good measure, the punk rock women of England. The prerequisite pogoing ensues in front of the stage as King Khan and his cohort bring their 77 punk style to with a blast of spilled beer, sweat and pleather. As the night extends, then begins the stage banter. After three or four stop-starts of a song they learned just that day, Khan, ever the gifted spokesman, keeps the extremely patient Scouse crowd entertained with one-liners.

On a night saturated with a lo-fi, raw and dirty attitude from the makings of a band who seem like they’re just having a really damn good time, we are indeed given what we were promised: a full throttle onslaught of much needed energy and fun on a Friday night.

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