Photography: Patrick Devery


I Love Live Events @ Sound Basement 6/4/18

As a crowd of predominantly pink-clad teens pile into Duke Street’s Sound venue and descend underground, they’re greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere, with fairy lights, flowers and balloons hanging from the ceiling, creating a surprisingly cosy vibe for a basement.

Before GIRLI takes to the stage, the audience hear her voice through the speakers, as she announces that the venue is a safe space where inappropriate touching, harassment or discrimination is not allowed, ordering the crowd to “leave your bullshit at the door”. This introduction gets topical too, as she declares “If you voted for Brexit, please leave the building”. Before she’s even onstage, Girli is creating controversy. She also makes the audience aware of the gender-neutral toilets and eventually opens with Fuck Right Off Back To L.A., a message “for all the fuckboys out there”. Too Much Fun proves that she’s a competent rapper and showcases how relatable her lyrics are for teenagers; discussing everything from nose piercings to posting things – that you may regret – on Twitter. A lot of songs sound very similar, but she has a signature style, nevertheless.

"Girli has fiery lyrics, ambitious electronic production and bags of energy"

She tells the crowd that a new track called Up And Down is about how it’s normal to both love and hate yourself at the same time, which is refreshing – helping to normalise anxiety and challenging popular understandings of mental health. She sings about her world being on fire and having sleepless nights, bravely admitting the torment of the anxiety that she’s suffered from.

She quickly returns to the retro, video game-inspired production for Girl I Met On The Internet and then announces that she’s giving away an item of clothing; her performance partner DJ Kitty starts to spin her around in circles before launching a gold sparky skirt into the crowd.

Her latest single Play It Cool truly goes off and sounds the closest to the studio version of all the tracks she performs. She bounds offstage to prepare for the encore, as the crowd ignites into a Jeremy Corbyn chant. She then returns to debut a new song about “getting over a shitty ex-boyfriend”. Again, Girli coming through with the relatable content!

The last song of the evening – Girls Get Angry Too – is the quintessential Girli track and it showcases everything great about her music – the fiery lyrics, ambitious electronic production and bags of energy. Girli certainly makes songs that are fun to dance to and tonight proves that her future material is set to be some of her boldest yet.


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