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EVOL @ Jimmy's 6/8/21

A mixture of anticipation, excitement, and relief fills the crowded basement of Jimmy’s, a familiar feeling of people being back where they belong.

A buzz of fulfilment is prominent in the room, as the lights dim and supporting act PISS KITTI take  to the stage. The local punk rockers are not only responsible for warming up the crowd ahead of DREAM WIFE’S    performance, but for kicking off the first instalment of FestEvol 2021. Being the first act can be daunting, but Piss Kitti don’t falter once.

Marking their first live gig in over a year, the local rockers aren’t doing things by halves. Performing their latest EP, For The Lovers, Piss Kitti are electric from start to finish. Front woman Esme’s vocals tear through the basement, and the crowd watch in awe. Ending their  set with a classic crowd surf, my first experience watching Piss Kitti live is memorable, and a much-needed dose of chaos, albeit controlled. The perfect supporting act to introduce the likes  of Dream Wife.

As the first note strikes, it’s evident that Dream Wife are just as excited to be performing as the crowd are to be watching them. The Brighton-based punk trio are performing indoors for the first time, and Jimmy’s is the perfect home for it. Dream Wife are in charge.

Every song is as exciting as the last, but as the distinctive opening beat of Hasta La Vista kicks in, Dream Wife have commanded our attention. Rakel’s vocals take centre stage from the very first line, “How many ways to say goodbye?”, as the audience hang off every word. An early highlight of the evening, but definitely not the last.


From the moment Sports! was released last year, from the band’s second album, it has been a firm favourite of Dream Wife fans, receiving consistent rave reviews. As the iconic words “Fuck sorry, fuck please, will you kindly start again?” fill the room, every person knows that what they are about to witness is going to be special. The reaction that shouting, “Put your money where your mouth is!” provokes in an audience is immeasurable. The band’s noise seems to get louder as the crowd echo their words in a unifying chant, igniting a sense of togetherness.

With a setlist which is the perfect mix of songs from their first and second albums, Dream Wife have the crowd in the palm of their hands for the entirety of the set. From a captivating performance of Temporary, to the chaos of So When You Gonna…, the trio take Jimmy’s by storm.

Dream Wife offer everything you want from a modern-day punk rock band: catchy choruses, blistering guitar riffs, and outspokenness. They remain unapologetic in their quest to be heard, and exceed my expectations by all accounts.

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