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  • Vitalija Glovackyte
Deep Hedonia @ Everyman Bistro 3/12/15

The first time we entered the basement of The Everyman Bistro for Deep Hedonia’s new regular residency back in November, we were given a real treat with the minimal guitar and many pedals of Chinese/American artist, Dustin Wong. Billing yet another set of incredible acts for December, the game plan of wowing their audience doesn’t seem to have flinched one bit.

From Manchester via Lithuania, the first act, VITALIJA GLOVACKYTE of Another Contemporary Music Ensemble, approached different members of the audience before her piece began, handing them a funny looking device made up of a small, vibrating battery attached to a little fishing weight by wire, along with a wooden cutlery holder, acquired from the bistro’s tables. On Vitalija’s mark we were instructed to turn our devices on making the weight jitter and dance around quirkily, and when it connected with the Bistro’s wooden holders it made a ratatat rhythm to accompany her piece. We were encouraged to use the devices as we liked, on our bottles, cans or glasses too, and with these additions the sound was like being in an orchestrated cuckoo clock shop, and while we were messing around with the vibrators (grow up), Vitalija was creating even more sounds with similar devices and a violin. The whole interactivity of the piece was fun, engaging and added a real sense of humour to the piece, it was genuinely disappointing when we were signalled to turn the devices off and it came to an end. For Vitalija’s second piece she calls her ACME co-founder Michael Cutting to the stage, and after some setting up it begins, two reel to reel tape recorders start spinning producing analogue samples of Super Mario sound effects amongst other recurring sounds. The real entertainment of this piece comes from the visual element of watching them build the sound, as more reels of tape are added to the decks it creates new effects and layers to the music, and the tape reels just seem to get longer, stretching out toward the audience with a steadily placed guitar stand. By the close of the set the hard work is done and the artists sit back watching their completed piece run around the wheels of the recorder.

After a short break, Andrew Hunt from Liverpool pop act Outfit, steps up to the stage surrounded by a mass of keyboards, samplers and an electric piano. Andrew is here to perform under his solo-moniker, DIALECT, playing a new composition inspired by his time living in New York and wandering around the post-industrial neighbourhood of Gowanus in Brooklyn. The piece echoes the forgotten environment with white noise and electronic, mechanical sounds, in fact it sometimes feels like the composition has come from a future imagined in the 70s, and wouldn’t go amiss attached to a science fiction project. The visuals, provided by Thom Isom, are a perfect match to the music producing distorted images of man made decay, such as a plastic bag blowing in the wind, chain fences, vacant warehouses and a grizzly image of a drowned cat. Resoundingly inspiring and awe striking as their first outing with The Everyman Bistro, Deep Hedonia have created another evening to be proud of.

Michael Fowler

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