Relentless, uncompromising and ferocious: the music of Liverpool newcomers PALE RIDER has been taking the city by storm ever since the release of their debut single I Run On Rain (the video for which is at the bottom of the page), praised as a “sonic apocalypse of epic intent” by Louder Than War and labelled “Liverpool’s best new band” by Getintothis. You may think that this seems excessive praise for a band still in their infancy and only one single to their name. However, the inescapable raucous that the band radiate in their music is staggering, and their brand new release The Move is no different.


Returning to Parr Street Studios, the home of many of their influences, this new single carries just as much punch as the last. Built on a solid foundation of a cocksure groove, the intro is simply dripping with a stylish swagger that only the angst of youth could create. You are lulled into a steady sway of the head as the vibrations pulse through, yet this comfortable indulgence does not last long. This state is usurped by a non-stop whirlpool of garage-rock. It acts as an angry release of frustration that grabs you by the collar and forces you to turn, face the sound, sit down and listen. Following this new single, you can guarantee that their status among the Liverpool circuit will only be on the rise.

However it has never really been the band’s recorded music that has earned them the respect of the city, it has been their heart-pounding live shows. They are nights that thrust you into the midst of a frenzy, the whole room feeding of the gritty energy that the band emit. With their on stage presence, infectious swagger and a brand new destructive tune, their next few live shows are not to be missed.

Speaking of live shows, you’ll have the opportunity to catch the storm riders at the Bido Lito! Social on Thursday 25th October, in the confines of of The Jacaranda. With Samurai Kip and Shit Indie Disco DJs cramming their noise into the Jac’s basement, it’s set up to be a fearsome old Thursday night. And at just FOUR QUID, you’ve no real excuse to go missing this one, and one of the most promising lights on the current local circuit to boot. Gwed, get your tickets now, you know it makes sense.


The Move is out now via Rooftop Records.

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