Illustration: Lucy McKenzie, May of Teck 2010

Lucy McKenzie
20/10-27/03 – Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool host the first UK retrospective of multitalented artist Lucy McKenzie this winter. The Glasgow-born, Brussels-based artist has worked with many forms over her two-decades-and-counting career and this show at the Albert Dock venue will delve into many facets.

The exhibition displays around 80 works ranging from early works interrogating iconography of international sports and post-war muralism, to the artist’s fascination with music subcultures. McKenzie’s more recent work with Scottish designer Beca Lipscombe under the company name Atelier E.B started out as an interior design concern and evolved into explorations into the relationships between art and fashion.


Lucy McKenzie, Untitled 1997

Gender politics is often at the forefront of McKenzie’s work, Curious 1998 depicts an athlete bent over in the starting blocks to highlight the eroticisation of female sportspeople. As an incredibly skilful painter, the artist has revived the ultra-realist tradition of trompe l’ceil painting, creating realistic renderings to inhabit, critique and reimagine earlier art and design period.

The exhibition is organised by Tate Liverpool in collaboration with Museum Brandhorst, Munich.

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