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30/10/21- Future Yard

Shoegaze quartet bdrmm are finally touring in support of their excellent debut LP Bedroom and after many delays, their Re-Re-Re-Scheduled Tour rolls into Merseyside in late October.

Superlative shoegazers BDRMM issued one of the strongest debut LPs by a UK guitar band last year with their (almost) eponymously titled album, Bedroom. Taking in woozy guitar textures, indelible vocal melodies and nods to influences such as The Cure and Ride, the set won the Sonic Cathedral-signed Hull/Leeds conglomerate critical praise across the board. After a highly acclaimed set at End of the Road festival, Bido Lito! caught up with vocalist / guitarist Ryan Smith to hear about the band’s formation and their upcoming tour which calls at Future Yard on 30th October.

Hello Ryan, really straightforward enquiry to start with, how did the band form?
I had been writing demos in my bedroom for a few months and wrote an EP on my iPhone which somehow ended up getting played on BBC Radio 1, so I thought, “Shit, I’d better get a band together!” I asked my brother Jordan to jump on bass and long-time mate Joe on guitar as we had been in bands before, and the rest is history. We have been through a fair few drummers, but we recently landed on the beautiful and stupidly talented Conor.

How does it work with the band members being located in Leeds and Hull – is this still the case? Do you piece tracks together remotely to begin with?
The majority of the demos were created by me, so it’s usually in practice that they get fully constructed. It has never been a problem having the divide between two cities, as we all share such a strong passion for this band it never seems as inconvenient as it is. We always share the duties of driving to the other city for practice. Although I’m sure that Joe won’t mind me saying, it’s a fucker when we finish at 2am and he has to drive down the M62 alone.

How did the band end up signing to Sonic Cathedral?
Nathaniel [Cramp, SC supremo] said he had heard us on BBC Radio 6 Music one time, which was a fucking lucky break as the track only got one play. He came down to see us play a show in London and after a “nice set, lads” we assumed that was that. That was enough to be fair. A few weeks later I remember being unbelievably hungover and getting a phone call from our manager saying “Sonic Cathedral want to release a 7”…”. Well, safe to say I wasn’t hungover anymore, and we were signed.

It was an unbelievable feeling to be back on the stage. I couldn’t even put those feelings into words

Judging by the photos, your set at End of the Road festival pulled in a sizeable crowd, the numbers for there and Manchester Psych Fest were excellent too.  How was it returning to the stage post-restrictions at long last?
Mate, I am still coming down from those shows. It was an unbelievable feeling to be back on the stage, let alone playing shows of that calibre. I couldn’t even put those feelings into words. Fucking unreal. We’re just so grateful to people for making the return so perfect.

Further to which, I saw the setlist on Twitter, are there some new tracks included in there alongside the LP cuts?
Oh yeah, we have a lot of new material that we have been working on during lockdown. By no means does this mean that we’re going to be neglecting the first LP, but yeah, we will be performing some new tracks every now and again.

The Re-Re-Re-Scheduled Tour kicks off next month, are you looking forward to it, daft question admittedly!
Yes. We can’t fucking wait!

For a shoegaze band – without meaning to stereotype! – audible lyrics seem to be important to you (cf. the “It’s OK / For you to walk away” chorus of A Reason To Celebrate). Has this always been the case with the band’s songs?
I don’t think so. I mean, when I wrote A Reason To Celebrate those words just fell out of my mouth onto the chords and just fit so beautifully that we just rolled with it.

One of the highlights of the LP is the track If…. named after the classic Lindsay Anderson film. The movie generated a fair amount of controversy and captured the zeitgeist of student protests in 1968 with its depiction of an insurrection at a public school. What was it about the film that inspired the track?
It wasn’t necessarily about the film itself, more that the film played a big role [in my life] when I was going through what I was going through when it was written. I also think that, if people haven’t seen it, hopefully it will give them a subtle nudge, because it really is a wonderful distraction.

Any new releases in the pipeline?
I feel like when this issue of the magazine comes out that something new will already be out, but if not, then… soon.

And finally, what inspired the band’s name?
All the demos I was creating were in my bedroom. It just seemed fitting. I need to start thinking of some fun answers for this question now, don’t I?

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