Photography: nil00 / @nil00151

Back in August, visual artist NIL00 created a new piece of work with the intention of seeing “what comes out of a completely open collaboration process.”

Coded by glitch trip and produced for FACT Together, a program created to support artists in lockdown, The Magic Tree asks users to upload a photo to the programme, which would then manipulate the image to create a brand new, unique piece of art each time.

While the project deals in the digital dimension, its roots are in fact burrowing beneath L17. The project takes its name from Sefton Park’s beloved Magic Tree, known for its spiralling branches which produce an open forum style seating arrangement at the top of its structure.

Running with the artworks theme of collaboration and open creative dialogue, nil00 has added an extra branch to the project by taking to the real life tree to interview Samurai Kip’s Jamie Lingberg – the brains behind Quarantine Collaborative,  a group set up so local musicians separated during lockdown could collaborate on songs in a sedimentary, building block style.

Speaking about the project, nil00 said: “We’re in a time where the combination of physical restrictions and digital freedom has forced a lot of creativity online, so it feels like the right time for projects like these. The future feels uncertain, ill-formed, and there’s a lot to worry about, but we can still have fun together.”

Watch the interview with Jamie below.

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