Photography: Rachael Griffiths

Over the past 12 months, videographer and visual artist NIL00 has busily been building a reputation for works that exist in glitched, digitised landscapes.

With the arrival of their debut music release, the artist once again slips into familiar territory for the audio-visual experience of In Case U Call.

Centred around choppy, polyphonic melodies and sliced vocal arrangements, the track stirs with the haunted energy of a lost Motorola flip phone beaming signals into the far-off future.

You can watch the accompanying video, produced by nil00, premiering below on Bido Lito!

Bido Lito Embeded Video

Photographer: Rachael Griffiths
Creative dir.: Niloo Sharifi
Edit: Niloo Sharifi
Styling: Rachael Griffiths + Niloo Sharifi

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