NICK POWER returns with solo album Caravan, a paean to an oft-overlooked fracture of British culture. The Coral keyboardist and songwriter recorded the album alone over a two-week period in a static caravan in North Wales, with only an acoustic guitar, pots and pans, chopsticks and a Casio synthesiser accompanying him. The resulting 11-track record, to be released on 27th October via Skeleton Key Records, is a snapshot of the caravan’s strange and absorbing culture.

Caravan is accompanied by a book of short stories, monologues and poems of the same title, the third in a cycle of his work which includes Small Town Chase and Holy Nowhere, which you can read about here and here respectively. The album itself is limited to a run of just 100 CD copies, which will accompany the first 100 books purchased, before the album is available to stream. Speaking about the inspiration behind the album and book, Nick said “I’m drawn to these purpose-built holding-pens for suburbanites and city families who spirit themselves away to the coast or nondescript fields next to A-roads. The accompanying music was recorded in the middle of that familiar wilderness”

You can listen to Joe, an exclusive track off the album, below. The song reads like a nomadic lullaby, carried by its delicate guitar work and disconcerting lyrics.

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Caravan is out on 27th October via Skeleton Key Records. The book is published by Erbacce Press. You can pre-order both here.

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