DAN DISGRACE’s first venture with local lot Eggy Records provides the chill-out pop melodies to tackle the summer heat.

D Disgrace has carved himself a rather enigmatic path of late, surrounding himself with some of Merseyside’s weirdo pop visionaries – including Strawberry Guy, Bill Nickson and Ana Mae to name but a few. Rather than fighting against the sweaty scourge that global warming is bringing upon us, Disgrace’s lilting lo-fi swoon somehow manages to embrace us, helping us combat the anxieties of a globe going down the swanny.

Having previously sung of the struggles of pay day loans, Shades Away is a breath of fresh air in the current clammy environment. It’s an anthem for park bench bevvies and lazy, hazed-up afternoons. Sit back, crack open a cold one and sink into the glory that is just so darn disgraceful.

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Shades Away is out now via Eggy Records.

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