We know what it’s like, navigating the vast world of music discovery on streaming services can be a scary process. Don’t let it get you down. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the musical wilderness and into the realm of new music discovery. The best part is? We’re keepin’ it local!

Get ahead of the curve with HOT PINK!, our brand new playlist for tabbing tomorrow’s hits. While playing homage to Liverpool’s creative culture, Hot Pink! has one finger on the pulse of bedroom bop and another behind the glass of the recording studio, offering a broad and comprehensive snapshot of the wide range of genres erupting out of Merseyside.

26th June new additions…

SPINN – Stuck On A Feeling
On the latest release from Liverpool quartet SPINN, the band stays faithful to their much loved, danceable indie-pop heritage. Sizzling with summer-time vibes, the single remains energetic and bouncy throughout. Infectiously catchy, Stuck On A Feeling bursts with honest and heartfelt lyrics, while extracting that rocky-infused energy we love about SPINN. (BW)

KingFast – Avenge
There’s a huge amount of pent up emotion in this, as KingFast vocalises the draining nature of the struggle against oppression. “Avenge your race, that burden falls to me,” he sings in the opening bars, which reads like an inner monologue that speaks volumes: “Avenge your race, defend its history”. “It’s about how people tell you to feel about your race, what to care about and what not to,” KingFast explains. The track makes use of hiss trademark looped guitar and programmed beats to set the baseline, but it’s the raw soul of the vocal that carries everything that the song is about, and is what will stay with you long after it has stopped.

Georgie Weston – Live This Life Alone
Multi-instrumentalist Georgie Weston’s lush debut drops as if directly from the songbook of 60s songsmith Harry Nilsson. A forlorn lament to the good old days in more ways than one, the video to Live This Life Alone reveals an earnest young man in turtle neck clearly committed to his piano man vision. (ST)

Borth – One Polygon
Wirral-based bedroom indie composer Borth strikes again with his new single One Polygon, a quirky track perfectly placing samples amidst acoustic guitars. This toe-tapping number syncs up with the latest releases from the home-brewed DIY flavour of Podge and Regan Reay, both close friends and collaborators with Borth. The 21-year old’s home-brewed music has been uplifting spirits across Merseyside since 2015, combining a wide array of instruments with samples to create an enigmatic landscape. (BW)

Little Furry Things – Life Gets In The Way
Little Furry Things owe much to US alt-rock with their fuzzed up vocal, lackadaisical melody (shades of Big Me by early Foo Fighters on this track) and titular nod to Dinosaur Jr. Life Gets In The Way is the breezy opening to their debut EP which takes in heavier and darker places without losing an ear for a poppy hook. (ST)

Iamkyami – Fling Ting
Working in collaboration through lockdown for LIMF Academy, the soulful tones of Iamkyami are paired with the smooth rap style of local artist Tee in Iamkyami’s latest release Fling Ting. Echoing that early 2000s urban R&B vibe, with girl-meets-boy lyrics layered over a hypnotic beat, Iamkyami showcases her rhythmic flow, coupled perfectly with Tee’s good vibes. (BW)

Words: Brit Williams, Christopher Torpey, Sam Turner

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