From 6pm Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th November special discounts are available on all Bido Lito! merch. It’s the perfect opportunity to get Christmas wrapped up for the Liverpool music and culture fan in your life.

Simply use the code pinkfriday when purchasing from the Bido Lito! Bandcamp page to get 15% off. Here’s what’s in our shop…

The Bido Lito! Journal 2021

Writers, artists and friends of Bido Lito! look back at an extraordinary year in new music and creative culture for our region. There are picks of our favourite LPs of 2021 (and don’t expect the usual suspects). We document the return of live music through words and pictures. And there’s the usual mix of opinion, reflection, exclusive images and much more.

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Bido Lito! Pink T-Shirt

The best way to show your true colour(s) is to don a Bido brand 100% heavy cotton pink t-shirt with our logo front and back. We have a very small number of these left (in certain sizes) so be quick. It’s quite the stocking filler!

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Gift Membership

We’re trialling gift memberships for a limited time. You can sign up your music loving family member or pal to 12 months in the Bido Lito! community for just £75 (10% discounted) upfront or £7 a month. This gets them the Journal, the T-shirt and every issue of Bido Lito! from December 2021 to November 2022. Plus other goodies such as weekly exclusive online content and free admission to the Bido Lito! Social.

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