Artist development programme LIMF Academy has unveiled the musicians who have been chosen to benefit from a suite of resources and activity for the 2021-22 season. The artists who have been deemed ‘most ready’ to take on additional support and go on to the next level of their careers are AMBER JAY, LAZYGIRL and NI MAXINE.

The trio of singer-songwriters will get time in the studio, money towards their projects and tailored support to advance in the music industry. A cohort of seven other artists who will undertake a programme of workshops and talks, as well as gain live opportunities throughout the programme, consists of DAYZY, SUPERLATE, HANNAH MORGAN, PHILLY D, CURES AND CURSES, ALEXANDER and VAUNCE.

The eclectic bunch of musicians represent the best of Liverpool’s next generation of musicians according to a panel of music industry experts who sifted through hundreds of applications after a call-out from the Academy earlier this year. Previous alumni from the academy include Bido Lito! cover artists Tee and Pizzagirl, as well as Michael Aldag and Astles, who you’ll find in this edition of the pink pages.


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