A new era for Bido Lito! begins with the first of our bi-monthly magazines dropping next month.

From issue 117 (October-November), Bido Lito! will be producing double issues of the print magazine every other month. This new format will also allow us to bring every bit of energy, consideration and inquisitiveness you expect from Bido Lito! in a revamped, lovingly curated print magazine as we continue to chart Liverpool’s new music and creative culture.

We believe this decision is in the best interests to help towards a healthy, long future for Bido Lito!, but also progress the development of the magazine as a print and online entity. We have lots of exciting plans and can’t wait to share the new issue with our readers at the end of September.

Our ambition has always been to simply keep doing what we do: provide a platform to celebrate, interrogate and appraise the best of what’s going on in Merseyside. This new approach to print, alongside a more dynamic digital presence, will enable Bido Lito! to provide this service long into the future.

We are massively appreciative of our members, many of whom answered our call in a time of need last summer. We will continue to reward their loyalty with a refreshed offer which provides regular tokens of our appreciation, the magazine delivered every issue, and free admission to our Bido Lito! Social. For more information on how to support Bido via membership go to this page.

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As with many organisations, Bido Lito! learned a lot during the pandemic. We learned that despite much of society grinding to a halt, creativity on Merseyside does not stop. We learned the value and loyalty of our readers as so many of you answered our call-out for support and to help sustain the magazine’s future. We produced stories, interviews, news and debate throughout, working online, in print and somewhere in between. We learned the true value of community.

Whether you’re a member, new to Bido Lito! or an occasional reader we thank you for your support and hope you’ll continue to follow us into this new era for the magazine.

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