FOREST SWORDS has dropped a new video and details of his second album. Compassion, out 5th May via Ninja Tune, engages with the uncertainty of our times and will be followed by a set of projects across multiple mediums by the producer’s new experimental studio and record label, Dense Truth.

Watch the first video to be released from the album, Arms Out, below. Directed by Sam Wiehl and Matthew Barnes, Wiehl calls it “a ceremonial passing of power and a celebration of the eyebrow”. Keep an eye out for an interview with Forest Swords in Issue 77 of Bido Lito!.

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“Like many, with all that’s been going on since I started making the record, I’ve struggled to see any kind of light at the end of the tunnel,” says Barnes, “so I realised there’s some sort of power in trying to create our own instead. I’m inspired by the ways we’re communicating now, for better or worse, and thinking about new channels we can distribute ideas. The idea of looking for flexible future ways of expression and language, that bends to our needs quicker, really excites me”. Barnes launched the record with a unique experiment in new ways to disseminate music, personally sending album tracks through messaging app WhatsApp to anyone who asked.

Video by Sam Wiehl and Matthew Barnes (Directors) / Marco Fanton (Director of Photography) / Eryl Lloyd Parry (Actor) / Harper Danns (Dancer) / Elysha Ram & Jane Clappison @ Gemma Kirk Agency (Stylists) / Michael Lill (Production) / Sam Wiehl (Editor) / Shot at The Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool.

Photography by Dense Truth.

Compassion is out 5th May via Ninja Tune. Listen to the latest by Forest Swords here.

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