November’s Hot Pink! has arrived – a hand-picked selection of new music being released across the city region. Warm up your Autumn on-repeats with a comforting mix of experimental, electro-rock, and full-throttle pop.

Shifting Sands
This latest drop from noisenik label Spine Records and the debut single from experimental duo SHOCKCHORDS is an absolute belter. A relentless but pleasant percussive melody underpins a muttered croon vocal with swirling atmospherics that put the listener on edge before the fragments of a chorus bring the track to a climactic revery. Unlike anything else you’ll hear. Unreal. ST

Police Car Collective
With the unstoppable rise of ‘internet kids with money’ and much of our burning world grinding to a desperate halt following the recent 6-hour hibernation of Zuckerberg’s monster, POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE’S Famous just hits different. Waxing lyrical about Instagram clout, dopamine, pining for viral stardom and spending money online to watch girls undress, the duo’s punching, electro-rock anthem gobbles up all the unregulated excesses of the modern internet age and spits them out in all their seductive, disgusting glory. MB

Nikki and the Waves
In a cloud
Released on cassette tape, as part of a two song collection, NIKKI AND THE WAVE’s In a cloud is laced with a nostalgia that is both tangible and formless. The track weaves confessional lyricism, whining guitars, and reassuringly subtle brass to create a dreamy pop landscape which reflects on the hallucinogenic quality of the past year. Sung with an eye rolling reluctance, this is music for lonely rain soaked train journeys and car rides. EG

Natalie And The Monarchy
The latest release from NATALIE AND THE MONARCHY evokes the atmosphere of a late-night cabaret. Angeline‘s pacing mirrors the rollercoaster of new-found love and the obsession that can follow. What begins as a lulling, bass-driven serenade soon reaches its panting climax, with jaunty piano melodies and the artist’s crescendoing vocals twisting the track into a frantic ballad of tormented affection. LBE

The Mysterines
Hung Up
THE MYSTERINES are known for their electronic live sets, but the group’s latest track proves that the band translates just as well when streamed. Racing drum patterns and riotous guitar licks provide a hit of adrenaline from the moment Hung Up begins, only to be joined by dramatic vocal flourishes that strike directly at a sense of longing. A track that’s made all the better for its inability to hold back. LBE

Eleanor Nelly
The Best Is Yet To Come
Back after a three-year hiatus, ELEANOR NELLY’S EP The Best Is Yet To Come isn’t shy in declaring the artist’s intentions. The title track is a textbook FM radio Americana ballad showcasing Nelly’s assured songwriting and gigantic vocal capabilities over tender instrumentation. ‘The fire that burns inside’ is sure to bring great things for Nelly. ST

Hay fever
Happiness is arriving at the end of a song and wanting to do it all over again. Hay fever, the latest pop bop from URBANPARCS – the alias behind 18-year-old songwriter/producer Ed Fisher – marks something of a step-up from Fisher’s world of DIY production and viral TikTok output. Flirting with the osmotic peripheries of Rex Orange County and Beabadoobee, this breezy summer throwback serves up playful riffs, xylophonic twangs, and care-free bass for those who just aren’t ready to bid farewell to BST. MB

Words: Sam Turner, Matthew Berks, El Gray, Lily Blakeney-Edwards.

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