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We’re brightening up your isolation weekends by delivering a slice of Africa Oyé direct to your homes, in partnership with Melodic Distraction Radio. Each week we’ll have an exclusive live mix for you, a dose of that trademark Oyé vibe that you can enjoy over and over again. Recorded at Africa Oyé 2019, each mix is part of a series of DJ sessions from the Trenchtown and Freetown stages, where the sounds of Afro-centric music are pumped out non-stop to keep the groove riding high in Sefton Park. All of the DJs who perform on the Trenchtown and Freetown stages keep the sounds of the African diaspora alive all year round, and they contribute massively to the festival’s addictive, insatiable vibe.

The seventh mix in this series is a pure ray of sunshine. HOLMESY took to the stage at Freetown on the Sunday of Oyé 2019, with some upbeat dancing vibes. Holmesy runs the Space Jamz nights, which has found a home at Smithdown Social Club. He’s also part of the team collaborating on the famed Oyé afterparties, so he knows a thing or two about getting people shuffling along to good tunes. Holmesy has a deep love of African sounds from right across the spectrum, and these 60 minutes showcase that: plenty of Afrobeat, rootsy spirituals and West African grooves abound. With the sun beating down, Holmesy will help you recreate the Oyé vibe in your own house or garden!


Imagine you’re stood in Sefton Park right now, with the sun beating down on you, and that famous Oyé vibe all around. Turn this mix up nice and high and you’ll practically be able to feel it.



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