Come one, come all ye Bido Lito! Community Members to your very own Members’ Mixtape. For those of you new here, hello! Just a heads up, each month we ask our knowledgeable Bido Lito! Community Members to compile a selection of music from their recent listening playlists to be featured in Bido Lito! Sounds kinda boss, doesn’t it?  In this month’s issue we have a selection of tunes hand-picked for our second-ever mixtape from Community Member Andy Johnston. Wanna see what he’s been drowning his ears in lately? Have a read below…


Rustin Man
Vanishing Heart

A beautiful piece of music from the former Talk Talk man Paul Webb that sounds like it could have been recorded when Talk Talk were still a thing. A mix of folk and psych that just takes me away every time I hear it. The whole album, Drift Code, makes you all warm and fuzzy.


To Be

I first discovered Andy Shauf a few years ago at End Of The Road festival and this is another great piece of work by him – this time alongside D.A. Kissick, Avery Kissick and Dallas Bryson as Foxwarren. Dreamy pop to be listened to by a campfire (or in the car on your way to work driving to Birkenhead).


Sharon Van Etten
I Told You Everything

More synthy than her past works, the whole Remind Me Tomorrow album is sublime, but this is my pick of all the tracks. A gloomy piano-led track that brings Van Etten’s voice to the forefront – a thin slice of heaven.


Strand Of Oaks
Weird Ways
Dead Oceans

You’re never quite sure what you’ll get from Timothy Showalter or Strand Of Oaks – full-on rock, psych or folky acoustic guitars, but I love this new track of theirs. This is very much going down the Americana route with a bit of The War On Drugs mixed in – ace.


Angelo De Augustine
A Good Man’s Light
Asthmatic Kitty

Best listened to with headphones on, this track and the whole album (Tomb) is stunning. Apparently recorded in a bath tub, the sound is exquisite considering it is just voice and guitar. Lose yourself in this and the buy the whole album.


Each month we ask our members to pick out some highlights from upcoming shows and gigs, and ask them to select one recommendation. For March, Andy has picked out this show as one to look out for…

Bob Log III
Phase One – 30/03
A Bog Log gig is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. With a microphone built in to a motorbike helmet and a wild array of jumpsuits, it will be like no other show you’ll see this year. The blues slide guitar genius may even crowd surf in a dinghy, so don’t miss it!

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