Photography: Keith Ainsworth / @musicphotokeith Photography: Lee Isserow /

Each year LIMF Academy, the festival’s excellent talent development programme, is headed up by three ‘Most Ready’ acts. This year the supremely talented trio of GAZELLE, MARY MILLER and REMÉE make up the selection. They will be given unrivalled live opportunities, access to LIMF’s Elite Talent Development programme and mentoring pointers from the programmes network of industry experts.

In May, all three artists entered Motor Museum Recording Studio with producer Al Groves to record an original track of theirs at the beginning of their Academy journey. Bido Lito! accompanied them into the Lark Lane sanctuary with film maker Lee Isserow and photographer Keith Ainsworth to record the results.

See a selection of the the images taken above and you can watch the session tracks here:

Gazelle by Lee Isserow

indigo by remee

Mary Miller Property

See all the LIMF Academy artists play live at LIMF Summer Jam in Sefton Park on 22nd-23rd July. 

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