In many states, Keno is offered as a lottery game, so it is often compared to lotteries. In the rapid draw game, the numbers are generated by a random number generator.

Known as a French and Latin word, Keno originated in China during the Han Dynasty. The game is played by picking five to twenty numbers. White doves delivered “white dove tickets” to villages from the city in the 19th century.

There is also a legend about Keno. The game is about saving a city during a war from destruction. Keno is also known for raising funds for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, in addition to the Great Wall of China.

How to play Keno

A player may choose between 1 and 10 numbers from a table with 1 to 80 numbers. Using a random number generator, players choose ten numbers, and 20 are drawn at random. The more numbers a player matches, the bigger their payout, provided they match at least three numbers.

Keno Winning Tips

In order to claim your winnings, play Keno at a reputable online casino if you plan on playing it online. By playing for free until you understand how Keno works, you can further your bankroll by taking advantage of casino bonuses.


Keno is straightforward, easy to play, and fun. As with other lottery-style games like Keno and bingo, you bet on specific numbers.

Many online casinos offer variation of this game, but millions of players worldwide enjoy it. Keno is steadily becoming one of the most popular games in online casinos.

Gambling statistics indicate that Keno is one of the worst games to play at an online casino in terms of odds.

The possibilities of winning money still remain, though, as many players have been able to do so!

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