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Each issue we round up some of the best tracks from the region and add them to our Hot Pink! playlist. This month we’ve got some psych legends, indie classics in the making, a dab of electronica and one or two curveballs to enjoy.



Dead Nature
Watch Me Break Apart

This one-man band has hit the ground running with a fuzzed-up indie-pop track that spills out Tarek Musa’s inner insecurities in a loud and brash way. From thoughts of sleepless nights and the feeling of being isolated, Musa is brutally honest on this title track from his debut album, but manages to keep it all upbeat, reminiscent of his old band, Spring King. Musa is the producer, mixer, songwriter and musician under the DEAD NATURE pseudonym, and nothing seems to hold him back. (MOH)

Ruby Walvin
Without You

Gliding effortlessly against the soft electric guitar and drumbeats, RUBY WALVIN’s voice is transcendent. A sonic pot of honey with angelic backing vocals rolling off her tongue to put the listener in a trance. With honest and raw lyrics, Without You lays bare Walvin’s inner fear of living without someone in an impeccable way. From insomnia worries, to reminiscing about the glory days, each element of the track compliments the other for a listening delight. (SG)

All Trades
Punch Hole

The first track on ALL TRADES’ debut EP Theoretical Functions is the start of an industrial house party or subterranean rave. The consistent punchy electronic beats will vibrate through the floors and is enough to get you in the clubbing spirit. The haunting build-up at the start of the track showcases the spontaneous programming and terrifying power All Trades hold. (SG)

Not My Girl

MURMURS’ debut single echoes the sounds that rolled off the Mersey through the rhythm and blues era of the 60s through to the Britpop takeover in the 90s. The jangly rhythms of the guitar interplay with catchy melodies and the soft beat of the drum lines, which are all fuelled by nostalgia. It’s evocative indie that gives a nod to all those who came before. (MOH)

Rachel Nicholas

RACHEL NICHOLAS keeps you guessing in her new track. It has a little bit of everything. From strings and piano to electric guitar, it is an enchanting mix of various genres underneath musical theatre-like vocals to keep you on your toes. Sloth continues to wrong-foot the listener with twists and turns and unpredictable time changes. (SG)

Fine Dining

CLINIC’s new single Fine Dining is a slice of dancefloor fun, combining the band’s love of the exotic and having a good time. Full of pulsing synths and a repetitive disco drum, the new track folds in a sense of 70s American fantasy drama that adds a poppier element to the post-punk legends’ distinctive sound. (SG)

The Letrasets

THE LETRASETS know how to write an indie-pop banger and this opener to EP Tiger Sports Grandma is nothing but addictive. Full of catchy riffs and an upbeat chorus, Wait is a track meant for screaming, sweaty crowds, which hopefully aren’t too far away. The infectious melody is reminiscent of classic indie bands making it the perfect soundtrack for summer. (SG)


Feeds is a calming and relaxing electronic indie track with JVCK’s soft, light vocals, coming in from the background to add an overriding sense of comfort. With a hint of reverb on the electric guitar instrumental halfway through the track, the song is the perfect number to wind down to. (SG)

Peach Fuzz
Never Wanna See The Light

After splitting from their record label last year, PEACH FUZZ return with an upbeat summer track to mark the start of new beginnings. The five-piece have perfectly blended indie psych-pop with 80s influences to create an end of lockdown hit for the sunny months ahead. (MOH)


Words: Mia O’Hare and Shannon Garner

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