We know what it’s like. Navigating the vast world of music discovery on streaming services can be a scary process, but don’t let it get you down. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the musical wilderness and into the realm of new music discovery. The best part is? We’re keepin’ it local!

Get ahead of the curve with HOT PINK!, our brand-new playlist for tabbing tomorrow’s hits. While playing homage to Liverpool’s creative culture, hot pink! has one finger on the pulse of bedroom bop and another behind the glass of the recording studio, offering a broad and comprehensive snapshot of the wide range of genres erupting out of Merseyside.

At the top of the list this week is Natalie McCool, who’s single Closure is currently basking in the warmth of its release status. As you scroll through, hot pink! also features acoustic cuts from artists like Esme Bridie and Ben Burke, as well as some out-there and instantly rewindable bars from Capac, Aimée Steven and Seatbelts. That’s not it though if you’re still jonesing for some raw lyricism and sick beats , we’ve got SKIAA and Macayl featuring Sara Wolff to feed your craving.

We will be updating our playlist on a regular basis, so make sure you give us a  follow to stay in the loop!

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