Hot Pink! is the ever-evolving Bido Lito! playlist which showcases some of the most exciting sounds coming from all corners of the Mersey music network. To submit your track for contention visit To hear the mix go to Recently, we’ve been vibing to electro-rock anthems, RnB bangers and melodic industrial noise. Dive in.

Flux perfectly demonstrates the assets that made TONIA a LIMF Academy Most Ready Artist in the last cohort. Soulful yet vulnerable vocals ask whether his walls still speak the singer’s name and if his dad still thinks she’s insane (in the track’s few family-friendly lines). A lilting RnB beat gives way to a distorted keyboard solo before Tonia signs off with the ambiguous admission that lately she’s been thinking. ST

Nothing quite readies the appetite more than an auditory palette cleanser, and AnnieMUSIC’s TOMORROW/PEDAL does that with confidence. A breath of fresh airwaves for Society of Losers records, the latest loser on the block’s double A-side just about does it for those yearning for good old alt indie with a zappy backing track you can depend on. My recommendation? Go head-first into Pedal, whose gritty overdrive and cosmic vocals offer a remedial catharsis for blowing off that steam. MB

Katy Alex
Exposing the vapid loneliness of extravagant wealth, KATY ALEX’s Maliblues takes us to the dark side of LA to prove diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. Peeling back the champagne-soaked layers of a fanciful Cali lifestyle, its modern Gatsby-esque critique of materialism is driven through with nostalgic synth and crisp harmonies in a money-can’t-buy-love affirmation. MB

mud season
The debut self titled EP from Eggy Records duo Hannah Brown and Sam Warren has been circulating on Dark Soundcloud for a couple of years now but I fell in love with mud season on first hearing it live in the summer of 2019. It still retains all of it’s appeal upon being realised to the wider world this month. Super sweet Moldy Peaches harmonies to the most irresistible melody since the Grandstand theme tune before a satisfactorily rocking climax. This is the record Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett should have made. ST

Come Over (Again)
Liverpool natives CRAWLERS have been taking over the internet this year. Their latest self-titled EP is no exception, racking up the streams at an incredible pace. Come Over (Again) isn’t the Crawlers we expected, but they excel in an almost classic rock ballad. Full of angst, longing and pain, it’s testament to the range and talent that lies within. DR

Natalie And The Monarchy
The latest release from NATALIE AND THE MONARCHY evokes the atmosphere of a late-night cabaret. Angeline’s pacing mirrors the roller coaster of new-found love and the obsession that can follow. What begins as a lulling, bass-driven serenade soon reaches its panting climax, with jaunty piano melodies and the artist’s crescendoing vocals twisting the track into a frantic ballad of tormented affection. LBE

Words: Sam Turner, Matthew Berks, David Roskin, Lily Blakeney-Edwards


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