Photography: Kate Davies / @k.dvi

“Strawberry Guy is close to my personality, but it’s also a form of escapism. When I sit down to write, it can be such a release for sadness.”

So said STRAWBERRY GUY in his recent interview with Elliot Ryder, which features in our October 2019 issue. This is a musician who isn’t afraid to pour his innermost feeling into his music, which results in an immediately recognisable form of bathtub melancholia that just about everyone can connect with.

Four our Issue 104 feature, photographer Kate Davies took Strawberry Guy to Everton Brow to capture his softer, more reflective side amid the wildflowers and greenery on a point looking over the city. They then moved on to Strawberry Guy’s flat, a place where he’s more comfortable surrounded by his instruments and records.

You can read the full feature here; and you can see more of Kate’s photos at @k.dvi.

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