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Following his chat with Mike Stanton in issue 110, electronic virtuoso JACQUES MALCHANCE has compiled a list of artists who influenced his new album ARPEOLOGIE.

The playlist makes for a cosmic melange of ambient trailblazers, electronic heavyweights and overlooked gems. Scroll down for Jacques’ verdict on the likes of Delia Derbyshire, DMX Krew and Boards Of Canada.

Erik Satie – Embryons desséchés: Embryons desséchés: II. d’Edriophthalma 
“The original influence, anything by Satie is huge.”

Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
“Considering there is no Rephlex Records on Spotify, that’s half my selections gone. Warp was only half of the “golden era”. BOC will always have a beautiful place out in the country.”

Aphex Twin – Logan Rock Witch
“It’d be weird not to put Aphex in here, but how do you choose? Might as well pick at random (but I didn’t).”

Stellar Om Source – Latin Sirens
“Christelle is a legend and I remember seeing her live around the time I finished the album, I love her early ambient stuff too and this reminds me of those hazy days.”

Polysick – Smudge, Hawaii
“This track actually came out first on Strange Life Records, which was going to release Arpeologie soon after. Legendary Egisto Sopor, fellow Roman friend, this is as classic Polysick as you can get.”

The Other People Place – You Said You Want Me
“Absolute gem. Was on repeat when I was making the album.”

DMX Krew – Channel Pressure
“Another one from the Strange Life catalogue. Again, how do you choose a DMX Krew song? There is not one bad one, the discography is immense.”

Autechre – Arch Carrier
“Has to be done, really.”

Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis
“Once you enter Drexciya, you enter an obsession.”

Legowelt – Fizzcaraldo
“Well, he’s the man who “technically” commissioned the album, and this was/is/will always be a banger.”

Jacques Malchance- Mer D’Hiver
“I am ultimately promoting my album, so check it out!”

Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson – Celestial Cantabile
“There would be no electronic music without Delia. Thank you!”

Squarepusher – Tundra 4
“No Rephlex means no original Tundra. This came out later, and it’s still massive!”

Listen to ARPEOLOGIE by Jacques Malchance now on Spotify.

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