Each month we ask the artists we feature the same question: ‘Can you recommend a musician, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard?’ This has thrown up a weird and wonderful assortment of music from all corners of the internet and real world.

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                                                                                MC Nelson


The Real Thing – they were like number 1s in the 70s, and they deserve more recognition as a Liverpool act.  But their second album 4 From 8 was political and conscious and had a negative effect on their career commercially. It’s said they never fully recovered. But it’s so good – it’s a boss scouse history and music artifact; lots of what’s said is applicable today. They wrote Children of the Ghetto which was covered by loads of soul artists and was massive. But yeh, label bosses kind of prevented them from spreading the message at home.

First In Command were a ‘90s jazzy hip hop group, including DJ 2kind who does the radio show L100. They were boss – pressed vinyl but it didn’t get proper traction like it should have – most of the kids rapping today don’t know about them. It’s evidence of the fractured lineage delivered to us by a biased system – we should be looking up to these very worth ancestors and learning from them. Defo worth checking them out if you haven’t before.


Kyle: COW get our name from a Sparklehorse song Cow. Mark Linkous’ fragile and heartfelt lyrics resonate with me like no one else has managed. I’d recommend listening to Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot to anyone that cares about music.

Young Jesus
have been getting regular spins at mine. I first heard their Half Stop Session Feeling and it really stopped me in my tracks. I worked my way through their back catalogue and found that my personal favourite albums are: The Whole Thing Is Just There, S/T and Grow/Decompose.

Just about anything by Metz will help blow the cobwebs out of your mind and some local live acts worth catching are: Bill Nickson, Spilt, The Shipbuilders, Silver Linings and Pale Rider.


I’d say check out Galileo Girl. It’s the current solo project by Abi Dot of Seatbelts. Powerful atmospheric folk for residents of the new world who still love the old world.


                                                                                 Good Problems


Jen: For me personally haha, probably coming from Canada and all, my favourite Canadian band is Mother Mother – they are phenomenal (I’m really into their older stuff but it’s all awesome).  They sing about the world around them, social criticisms and they’re upbeat but really dark, the lyrics are amazing and also the harmonies are kind of strange, they’re fab.


I heard an electronic duo on BBC 6 Music recently called Farai. The track was National Gangsters and it gripped me. Bought their album Rebirth and it’s my current running soundtrack. Unique vocal delivery, gritty synths, mesmeric beats.


Shaun: Johnny ThundersSo Alone
A seminal record by an iconic punk legend. The record is fragile and tender with anger, love and unloved at its core. The record has got me through my 20s. It boasts an all-out rock n roll outfit with Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Peter Perrett, and Phil Lynott, Steve Marriott, Patti Palladin, Chrissie Hynde all taking part on the record.

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