Each month we ask artists we feature the same question: ‘Can you recommend an artist, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard?’ This has thrown up a weird and wonderful assortment of music from all corners of the internet and real world.

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                                                                                 Lennie Dies


I don’t listen to that much new music out of the city at the minute, so my favourite new Liverpool acts are Lennie Dies – they blew the roof off at Sound City, Hanover, whose new stuff sounds mega and Gazelle is the queen.


Yeah, a friend of mine showed me this the other day actually and I really enjoyed it. It’s a band from Bristol called Dubi Dolczek and the tune is Laser Dojo. It’s got real Doo-Wop feels and a lovely chorus. Have a listen.


Lil Ugly ManeMista Thug Isolation

Windy And CarlAntarctica Bliss Out, Vol. 2





Paddy: We’re all big Bill Nickson fans

Dan: SPILT steal our kettle leads

Cain: But we love them


DivineGully Gang


Icy Lake [Original Mix] by Dat Oven


There are so many talented and charismatic people around me in Liverpool and I wanted to include them in [my album], every second of it should be new and exciting and I really want to get like, the polar opposites to collaborate on one track. Like instrumentalists, rappers and singers that are so far apart seeing them together in the same song would be surprising as it would be good.

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