Each month we ask artists we feature the same question: ‘Can you recommend an artist, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard?’ This has thrown up and weird and wonderful assortment of music from all corners of the internet and real world.

As always, we wanted to share this selection of music with you, our dear Bido Lito! members, and give you an insight into the world of our featured artists. The playlist you have been sent via email is exclusive to our monthly Membership, and is comprised of selections made by artists featured in our February 2019 magazine (Issue 96). We update this throughout the month with even more recommendations, so remember to ‘follow’ the playlist to ensure you don’t miss out on the updates.

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                                                                             Brown Brogues 


“Triflin’ by Brown Brogues. Best thing to happen to Manchester since The Fall.”


“Our good friends and new practice room buddies The Gear, who have smashed it with their first single. Proper Scousers them boys (unlike us!). Big up Life At The Arcade too who are making waves on the local scene.”


“There are so many that I want to recommend to you guys, but if you like alt RnB and hip hop, I would 100% say you need to listen to the newest Tierra Whack project, Whack World. She’s got an absolutely AMAZING 15-minute-long movie on YouTube that correlates with the project. It’s 15 songs and all the songs are 1 minute long. I am actually so jealous of her ha! I think she’s so fresh and deserves so much more recognition!”



                                                                                  Anderson .Paak


Phil: “Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams is an album we’ve had on repeat recently.”

Paul: “Malibu by Anderson .Paak for me. And Turtles Have Short Legs by Can was definitely the after party song for the first week of our tour!”


“Nathy Peluso, Nickelus F, Lord Apex, Armand Hammer, John Maus, ELIZA new album is amazin”


Mo: “BONGWATER! Listen to Bongwater. Specifically, What Kinda Man Reads Playboy? or Chicken Pussy – that’s a good one.”

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