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Each month we ask artists we feature the same question: ‘Can you recommend an artist, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard?’ This has thrown up and weird and wonderful assortment of music from all corners of the internet and real world.

We wanted to share this selection of music with you, our dear Bido Lito! members, and give you an insight into the world of our featured artists. The playlist you have been sent via email is exclusive to our monthly Membership, and is comprised of selections made by artists featured in our November 2018 magazine (Issue 94). We update this throughout the month with even more recommendations, so remember to ‘follow’ the playlist to ensure you don’t miss out on the updates.

We have compiled this playlist using Spotify, and we apologise if you don’t have an account with which to access it. In terms of breadth of content, licensing and ease of use, Spotify is the most comprehensive platform we’ve found.

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Altin Gün


Louisa Roach: “I’ve been enjoying a bit of post-apocalyptic English rap in the form of Edward Scissortongue.”


“One of my favourite modern artists at the moment is Charlotte Dos Santos, and one of my favourite albums this year is On by Altin Gün; and if you’ve not heard of them already, Stereolab are amazing.”


“For the past couple of weeks I’ve listened a lot to Blossom Dearie, a wonderful jazz singer and pianist. A friend from work recommended her to me and I just can’t stop listening to her live album Sweet Blossom Dearie, it’s so intimate and sweet.”


Benjamin: “Joasihno from Munich. We played a show with them in November at a film festival in Poland. They absolutely blew us away. Check out a song by them called Nuh Nuh.”

Jonathan: “Closer to home there’s Germanager from Liverpool. He’s an incredible singer who creates these sensual, soulful songs using consumer electronics, iPads and such. Have a listen to a song called Juvenal by him. Further out/back? Basil Kirchin is a good place to start…”


Sublime Frequencies – Digital Sampler


Jack: “Anything Sublime Frequencies puts out is usually good, mainly compilations of little-known groups from all over the world. It’s All Bullshit by Tonetta is a great song. Finally, pretty much anything by Royal Trux.”

Clams: “PET BRICK, the collaboration between Iggor Cavalera and Wayne Adams. Beautiful noise!”


“Happy Jawbone Family Band are sick. I’ve only listened to one album called Tastes The Broom but it’s bloody brilliant.”


Chris McIntosh: “Cartwheels On Glass. For fans of Pavement, McLusky, Pixies, Car Seat Headrest.”


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