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Each month we ask artists we feature the same question: Can you recommend an artist, band or album that Bido Lito! readers might not have heard? This has thrown up and weird and wonderful assortment of music from all corners of the internet and real world.

We wanted to share this selection of music with you, our dear Bido Lito! members, and give you an insight into the world of our featured artists. The playlist you have been sent via email is exclusive to our monthly Membership, and is comprised of selections made by artists featured in our October 2018 magazine (Issue 93). We will be updating this each week with even more recommendations, so remember to ‘follow’ the playlist to ensure you don’t miss out on the updates.

We have compiled this playlist using Spotify, and we apologise if you don’t have an account with which to access it. We’ve looked at other playlisting software and nothing really comes close to Spotify in terms of breadth of content, licensing and ease of use. If some other platform crops up that guarantees 100 percent of people can access it, we’ll look into it!


Daniel Romano


Pete Harrison: “If you lovely pink people haven’t heard of Daniel Romano, in any of his forms, then there are hours of pleasure ahead of you! If you have, I’m glad you found him too. Particularly the two most recent albums, Modern Pressure and Ancient Shapes.”


Dom: “Irene And The Disappointments are a local dream pop band with two great albums out, and check out another local artist under the name Faris M on Bandcamp for some brilliant lo-fi punk.”
Esme: “I’ve been listening to Amyl And The Sniffers a lot recently, they’re like The Chats but dirtier. Also, Cupcakke.”


“Album: Indigo Train (by Michael Blyth and The Wild Braid). Artist: Josie Jenkins (Fine artist, Liverpool).”


“Roomful Of Teeth explore vocal techniques from all over the world and commission composers to write music that incorporates them. They completely defy the boundaries of what is possible in contemporary classical and I always strive to do a little of that with my own music. The stunning partita by Caroline Shaw [Partita for 8 Singers No.2: Sarabande] really made me think about what is possible to convey with the human voice without lyrics. That was a massive inspiration for the intro to Can’t Let Go that opens my EP; I wanted to write something that communicated all of the stresses, fears, hopelessness, frustration, emptiness, anger and resignation that this record is all about.”


Alla Fondou


Alla Fondou. He is a magic player of the lute – a string instrument that incorporates finger picking.”


“I’d have to say Haarm – their new music is really ace!”


Andy: “We’re big fans of Margaret Glaspy, we caught her at the Night & Day in Manchester and she was absolutely flawless.”
Mark: “The Lottery Winners and Bloxx are also ace.”


Jamie Whelligan: “My busking friend Dan Beaulaurier from California has a great act called Norton Money that are fantastic to catch live, whilst Nick Frater has been releasing some fantastic power-pop on The Great Sheiks label.  Equally my old partner in crime Ivan Clare is doing some great stuff with his band The High Rip in Liverpool. As for albums… Earth And Fire’s Atlantis is super 70s Dutch prog pop. 
And my fave song I can recommend is the very beautiful Love Song For The Dead Che by 60s muso anarchists The United States Of America.”

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