Photography: Neelam Khan Vela

THE ORIELLES have been on the up-and-up since they emerged from their native Halifax a couple of years ago, cementing their status as ones to watch with the release of their debut album, Silver Dollar Moment, on Heavenly Recordings in February 2018. Their mix of jangly indie with disco grooves and rubbery basslines has seen then compared to both Orange Juice and ESG for their joyous collision of soul and funk. Don’t believe us? Listen to this the eight-minute wigout of Sugar Tastes Like Salt and then you’ll get it.

Ahead of their headline Sound City show at District on Saturday, they give us the low-down on which acts they’ll be dashing around to catch at this year’s festival.

False Advertising

Looking forward to our annual catch up with False Advertising, so glad they’re playing SoundCity. Chris (Drums/Guitar) actually produced some of our early material so it will be amazing to catch him and the gang. FALSE ADVERTISING are reminiscent of loads of 90s alternative garage bands such as L7, Veruca Salt and The Smashing Pumpkins yet add a really unique edge when Chris and Jen switch between drums and guitar respectively. Ones to watch for sure!

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When it was announced that HATCHIE (AUS) had signed to Heavenly we instantly loved her tunes, and having been aware of her before, we couldn’t wait to catch her live. Her music is so fun and the songs she has put out so far are earworms that’s for sure! Her tunes sound like the kind of music we listened to growing up, all of the Now Thats What I Call Music bangers but with a more considered edge that is verging on shoegaze/dream pop. I think she’s playing before us at District so we’ll be having a lil pre-gig boogie at the front for sure.

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Hockey Dad

Another Aussie band we’ve been following for a while now, yet never had the chance to see them play. They’re a surf-rock two piece, with killer tunes that will definitely get people moving and hopefully bring out the sun in Liverpool! They’re releasing a new LP soon so we’re looking forward to hearing some new tunes from that.

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King Khan & The Shrines

KK&TS are one of those bands that we have shared plenty of festival line-ups with, yet have somehow managed to miss every time. We have heard they are really fun live and we’re excited to finally see their 60s inspired garage/soul come to life. Their tune Welfare Bread is definitely a tour bus banger for us. Perfect tune for a sunny drive through Europe.

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Our friend Neelam introduced us to LUCIA; she has shot her gigs before and anything that Neelam photographs tends to be great! We then met her in Glasgow when we played there back in February so we’re looking forward to seeing her play. Her music has a very Riotgrrl, Bikini Kill feel to it, which we dig, so this should be amazing live.

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SEATBELTS are a new project from Liverpool heroes Ryan and James (Hooton Tennis Club) and although they only have two songs online, they sound ace and we’re very excited to see them play at 24 Kitchen Street. Any band that give a nod to American novelist Kurt Vonnegut are good enough for us. Their first single Hey Hey Tiger sounds like a blend of Blur and Talking Heads and the percussion and DIY production on the track sounds great. If you want that Hooton shaped hole in your heart filling, then head down to catch Seatbelts!

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Listen to the Bido Lito! team’s selection of artists to catch at this year’s festival here too – there are plenty of hidden gems to discover here!

The Orielles play Sound City on Saturday 5th May, onstage at District at 11pm. Silver Dollar Moment is out now via Heavenly Recordings.

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