I really love autumn. I’m not sure what it is about the windiest of seasons that I like so much, when evidence of the end of nature’s period of fecundity is so abundant (leaves and rubbish billowing on the breeze and clogging up drains, the colour draining out the landscape). I don’t think it’s a ‘death’ thing – I’m not that morbid. Maybe it’s just because I like wearing jackets. Who knows (or, indeed, cares)?

With that preamble out of the way, we can get stuck into October’s Bido Recommender Playlist. Each month, a different member of our team will be selecting 20 tracks for you, as a snapshot of what we’ve been listening to recently. I’ve drawn the short straw so I’m going first – and trying to pick just 20 for this was almost as difficult as trying to ignore the Giant Spectacular cynics. Almost.

I hope you enjoy the playlist I’ve put together here – I certainly enjoyed doing it! A combination of some great local artists releasing new material, my new WhoSampled app, Loud And Quiet’s No Shit playlist (updated every Monday) and Spotify’s devilishly good Discover Weekly algorithm have brought me to these 20 selections, and they’re all winners. You might not agree with all 20 picks, but you’ll deffo find something to groove to!


The Mysterines at Skeleton Coast Festival, by Georgia Flynn

Who Are The Mysterines? This first single from the elusive trio goes some way to answering that question, with the refrain of “Youth isn’t my excuse” exemplifying the emphatic bombast of these youngsters. Let this be your warning. It’s also great to have OHMNS back on the scene, with news that their new material is being cut to vinyl by Sentinel Records. The noise is ramped up further by Wild Fruit Art Collective, whose single Fabric is textbook loose and louche garage gorgeousness. Janis Joplin (Is A T-Rex) is the deliciously groovy track put together by Tim Stephens and Adam Faulkner, the pair who are travelling across the globe in search of new musical inspiration as Total Bike Forever. They’re documenting the process with regular mixes, which you can find on the Wax & Gears podcast. And if you haven’t heard Niki Kand yet, then I suggest you skip straight to that track now – and read Niloo’s great interview with her from our October 2018 issue.

Swedish scally-punks Viagra Boys are one of the most exciting of my recent finds, and that Sneaks tune is a pure earworm. Talking of earworms, Art Feynman and Fenster have perfected that art with their tracks included here – I wish I had more info for you on these artists, but I don’t. If you like what’s here, you’ll have to go off digging in their online back catalogues. The track here from brother-sister Aussie duo Angus and Julia Stone is from their 2017 album Snow, and I could have picked anything from that record, it’s bliss. If you like it, check out Angus’ own work as Dope Lemon (and see if you can hear the Street Fighter sound effect on How Many Times). And if anyone can source me the 7″ version of Sink Ya Teeth‘s insanely catchy, pre-Mute debut single If You See Me then CALL ME IMMEDIATELY. Thanks.

Most of you probably already know about Digable Planets, but they were knew on me when they popped up on a recommendation playlist recently – and I haven’t had their groundbreaking 1993 album Reachin’ (A New Refutation Of Time And Space) off the stereo since. If you’re new to them like me, this Pitchfork video is a great intro to why they’re so important. Lion‘s You’ve Got A Woman is a blissful piece of psych soul that has had a bump in popularity since it was covered by Whitney: the original is great, but I’ve fallen for this neat, shuffling remix just as much. Italian composer and arranger Ludovico Einaudiwho counts Bill Ryder-Jones among his many fans – has given lush New York rock minimalists Blonde Redhead the treatment with his re-work of their track Where Your Mind Wants To Go from last year’s 3 O’Clock EP, and is perfect for those quieter Sunday afternoon moments when you’re chilling at home. Eddie JohnsMore Spell On You is a blast from the past – but you might recognise its core motif from a global smash of a hit, which sampled part of the sax section to great effect. Can you work out what song it is? And credit for the ace closing track must go to our regular writer Matt Hogarth, who schooled me on the qualities of minimal disco when he brought The Jellies into my life. Now that it’s in yours too, there’s no looking back.

Enjoy – and check back next month for our next batch of selections! Rumour has it that Hull’s finest Sam Turner is on the rota for November, so expect plenty Housemartins, Throbbing Gristle and The Paddingtons. No joke.

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