It’s difficult to remember how bleak the start of 2021 felt. Now we’re all meeting up, inviting round, going out, it’s hard to comprehend it was less than 12 months ago that yet another lockdown was announced with virtually no end in sight to isolation and despair. So it’s fair to say it’s been quite a year.

In Liverpool, we had the privilege of experiencing the first taste of live music, the ignominy of being stripped of UNESCO heritage status and the pride of seeing our creatives whirring back into gear with some amazing art produced to inspire and energise.

As always, Bido Lito! was there every step of the way to chart this most tumultuous of years. We endeavoured to bring you the cultural resurgence, reflect on the pain and the glory and spotlight some shit-hot musicians.

The Bido Lito! Journal 2021 will look back on the last 12 months through pink tinted spectacles. Our premium coffee table magazine will serve as a record to a remarkable year. From politicians putting up walls, through cultural organisations building bridges, to artists laying down new roads of innovation and creativity.


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This year we have themed our journal on the concepts of discovery and rediscovery. Most of us have experienced a renewed appreciation of a myriad of aspects of life since we emerged from lockdown. Bido Lito! writers, artists and friends share their experiences of 2021 in this 112-page compendium which includes new photography, writing, design and illustration as well as our highlights from the last 12 months.

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What’s in the Journal

Back to Live
We celebrate the year we saw the return of live music after a near 18 month hiatus. Throughout the book you’ll find images and words expressing the feelings these momentous occasions evoked.

The theme of this year’s book is discovery and rediscovery. The authors and subjects of the features in the journal preface their articles with how they found 2021 and what they discovered.

Albums of the Year 2021
Bido Lito! contributors, artists and friends tell us why they’ve picked a diverse array of LPs as the albums that defined their year.

Much more
Interviews and exclusive photography with The Coral, Zuzu, Vasily Petrenko, She Drew The Gun, Koj and other creatives who rose to the top in 2021…


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