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As if a reminder were needed of Liverpool’s ability to nurture musical talent in genres beyond those of our stereotypical remit, BANG ON lands on our stereo…sorry, Bang On crashes out of our stereo. Elliot Egerton (a.k.a Bang On) is a 20 year old rapper from Tuebrook who has recently signed to Big Dada Recordings, Roots Manuva’s infamous stable. He fuses Rap, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Pop music, with a uniquely Liverpudlian perspective, to stunning effect and is one of the strongest underground talents we have in the City, from across any musical spectrum. Bido Lito! teamed up with our friends over at to chat to Bang On about his music, his place in the scene and what we can expect from him in the coming months. Future asked the questions…

Up Out Presents: For those who don’t know, who is Bang On and how did you get into Hip-Hop?

Bang On: I’m just a lad who has lived in liverpool all his life, who loves Hip-Hop and has been rapping since he was nine, when I first heard rap music. I don’t really know why I started myself, I just heard it and thought it was so cool. I think the first tune I heard was a Dr Dre tune then I started getting into Nas.

UOP: Aside from Dre and Nas who else would you say influenced you?

BO: Dr Dre is not so much of an influence, rather it’s just sick music. I’m mainly influenced by people who switch up their flows like Nas and Big Pun and some U.K artists like Dizzee Rascal and even people who don’t rap like the Arctic Monkeys – lyrically they are really good.

UOP: When we first heard your music you were going over some old skool Hip-Hop but the new single Hands High is definitely influenced by Dubstep. How would you describe your sound? 

BO: I think the sound of the album is a mix of Dubstep, Pop and Hip-Hop. I’m just taking elements from each. I’ve always loved Hip-Hop and lyrically it will be Hip-Hop, the production is Dubstep influenced with the infectiousness of Pop in relation to the catchy hooks.

“I think the good thing about me is that I have no place; I would say I am making my own ground and finding my niche.” Elliot Egerton, Bang On

UOP: So the album is coming out on Big Dada, who you are signed to, how did that come about and what has changed since you have been signed?

BO: It came about basically through Shinobi, who was a guy I was working with, hassling them. They liked one of my tracks I had done called Scally Thugs. Then we went to London, sat down with them and they said ‘we want you to make an album with the energy of Scally thugs’ and we went from there. Being signed just puts a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel…I mean I would be doing music regardless but it gives you something extra to work towards. Since I’ve been signed not a lot has changed but I have made progress without having to compromise what I do. I haven’t been working as a rapper day to day so it hasn’t taken over as my job so I can be truthful with everything that I say. I have been unemployed, a student and living day to day life and now I will have some real tales to tell about my life and what’s been happening.

UOP: Clearly you have a lot of influences musically but where would you place yourself in the U.K scene?

BO: I think the good thing about me is that I have no place; I would say I am making my own ground and finding my niche. I would just say I bring the energy of Grime but with good Hip-Hop Lyrics.

UOP: So what’s next for Bang On?

BO: I need to get back in the studio and do a few more bits for my album. I’ve got this mixtape I want to drop as well because I haven’t put out any material for a long time so I need to put something out to let people know I am still on it!

Hands High is out now on Big Dada

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